Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today my daughter, my only child, turns one.

Until now, I was always one of those people who thought that age was just number.   I was not that person who wanted to remain forever 29.  Age just wasn't that big a deal to me.

But then today rolled around and I can see from the calender that today really is the day that my daughter is one and I wonder how it can be possibleSee, I know it's her birthday, but it's hard to believe when you take into consideration the fact that she was only born yesterday. 

And let me tell you that since the 11-month-mark, there have been several moments of tears as I looked at her newborn photos and realized she's growing up far quicker than I could ever imagine she would. I expected it to be fast, everyone told me it would be fast, but this fast?!

Could it really have been a year ago that I casually stepped into the hospital for what I thought would
Artwork by Olga in Bolivia
be a quick checkup before being sent home, as had happened so many times due to a lot of pregnancy sickness all along?  I almost didn't go. I phoned them and said I wasn't coming in.  They insisted.  I remember listening to the nurses and hearing certain words, words that I knew the meaning to but couldn't comprehend how they could relate to me.  Words like "Labour" and "Delivery." Words that, after awhile caused me to ask, "Wait, is my baby going to be here sometime this week?"  I'll never forget the nurse looking me in the eye and responding, "Your baby will be here today."

And at 11:01pm I held her in my arms for the first time, my precious little miracle of 5 lbs 5oz.   My tiny child who did not reach 6 lbs until almost two months old, despite being a healthy, happy, and strong baby.  And now... now? How can she be ONE? She's over 20lbs, she wears 12month clothing.  She has 6 teeth, and her favourite foods are sushi (nothing raw!) and black olives.  She can't walk yet, but she's getting close.  She can say words like, "Mum, Hi, Bye, Bottle, Book, Nana," and more.

She's very independent, and she loves to climb.  In fact, she climbed my flight of stairs only a day or two after learning to crawl.  That was at 8 months, and now she's one.  One, one, one!  I wonder, when will age once again seem like just a number

I love the age she's at now.  It's a fun age.  I've loved every age she's reached.  I've loved everything about parenting and I look forward to seeing what new milestones age one will bring.  But it's going too fast.  I wish there was a way to slow time a little bit, so I could enjoy each stage just a tiny bit longer before the next.

We will celebrate her birthday today with a small family birthday party.  I will be taking photos.  She will try her first piece of cake.  We will blow out her first candle and open her gifts. We will start new traditions that one day she will look back upon and always remember as being a part of her birthday celebration.

And one day, when she's older, I look forward to giving her a very special gift on her birthday.  One day, I want to give her the gift of an international friend.   One of the joys of my life has always been my relationship with my sponsored children and I want to share that joy with her.  When she's old enough, I would like to sponsor a child born on the exact same day as her and introduce them to each other on her birthday.  And maybe one day she will write to her friend and tell them about her birthday traditions, and maybe they will write back and tell her about theirs.

I've found that many of my sponsored children celebrate birthdays in the same manner that I did as a child.  They eat cake, and their mums bake them a special meal.  One of my kids recently wrote that "My mum just told me on my birthday we will get to eat my favourite meal of rice, beans and honey!"  Another told me that "I got a bag of sweets on my birthday and I shared it with all my siblings and my neighbours!"

And then another wrote that, "We celebrate birthdays the same way you do, but this year my parents said we couldn't afford to celebrate."    Oh.

But, what if? What if these children who can't always afford their own birthday celebrations, their own happy-filled birthday memories to look back upon, what if they still got a card? A gift even?  Because what if their sponsor sent them one?  Oh such joy!  We can make that happen.  If you have a sponsored child with a birthday coming up, I would encourage you to please, please, take the time to write to them today and send them a special greeting for their birthday.  Tell them how special they are, how happy you are they were born on this special day however many years ago.

And if you don't have a sponsored child, why not sponsor one? Did you know that Compassion has a page where you can browse children who are celebrating their birthday today? 

It's right HERE all you gotta do is click and say yes, and suddenly one of these precious faces will receive your gift of love.  You can tell them how you sponsored them on their birthday.  You can send a card.  If you want, you can send some birthday money through Compassion so they can buy a special birthday gift. You can tell them that you are happy that God created them.

I beg you, because as I look at my girl on her special day today, I can't imagine this milestone in her life going by unnoticed.

Monday, 26 October 2015

What Will They Be When They Grow Up?

Children everywhere have hopes and dreams for the future.  What do your kids want to be when they grow up?  What did you want to be and are you that now?

Here is what my sponsored kids want to do:

Guguloth (India) – Policeman
Cris (Indonesia) – Traffic Cop, Mechanic
Caua (Brazil) – Join the Army
Mukesh (India) – Policeman (“To catch thieves because they steal everything!”)
Victor (Ecuador) – Firefighter or Policeman
Tsigereda (Ethiopia) – Doctor
Pamela (Peru) – Business Manager
Clara (Philippines) – Accountant or Teacher
Keila (Bolivia) – Vet and “Someone who enjoys their job!”
Esperance (Rwanda) – Doctor
Habineza (
Rwanda, brother of Esperance) – Truck Driver
Cynthia (Kenya) – Pilot
Sandra (Togo) – Nurse, or Dressmaker, or Lawyer for Children's Rights
Naomi (Ghana) – Teacher
Thineshka (Sri Lanka) - Doctor
Epher (Kenya) – News Anchor
Martha (Kenya) – Nurse
Mangisi (Kenya) – Doctor
Olga (Bolivia) – Teacher
Jayder (Colombia) - Soccer Player
Zaina (Uganda) – Hairdresser, Necklace Maker
Eby (India) - Army Officer

Child Sponsorship can help these children make their dreams come true! And I hope that all  my kids become, in the words of my Keila, "Someone who enjoys their job!"

Artwork by Atta Kuma in Ghana

Click here to sponsor a child through Compassion Canada for $41/month or
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Friday, 23 October 2015

50 Things That Made Me Smile - Part 3

Part 1 of this post is located here: CLICK ME!
and Part 2 is located here: CLICK ME!

These are some quotes from letters that made me smile.  Some because they are sweet, some are humorous, and some for no particular reason at all.  The ages are the child's age at the time of writing, not their age now. 

1.      It is with a broad smile on my heart to have you as my correspondent and bosom friend. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
2.      Life in Kenya is so beautiful; we have wonderful scenery, wild animals, and friendly people who love visitors from other countries. ~ Irene, 9, Kenya (Former Sponsored Child)
3.      My best friend is special because she and I talk, comb, share our dolls and love each other. ~ Genoveva, 6, Ecuador
4.      My best friend is special because she shares her pencil with me when I do not have one. ~ Naomi, 7, Ghana
5.      My family is very happy to hear that you love them, and they love you too, so much. ~ Esperance, 11, Rwanda
6.      My little sister is now 7 months old. She is still a baby and she likes to laugh a lot. I saw the first teeth of my little sister on June 19th and that is why my mum has told me that I have to buy her a sweat suit. This is the belief that many people practise here in my country, because I saw her teeth I will be like her godmother. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
7.      My mum travelled away for work and I am staying with my grandma. She is very affectionate with my 2 brothers and me. I love my grandma a lot. My 2 brothers miss my mum a lot. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
8.      My parents are doing fine and they pray for you every now and then. ~ Erickson, 11, Kenya
9.      My sister is already 5 months old and she is very small. My cousin calls her little smurf and my brother calls her little dwarf. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
10.  My test result in December are pretty satisfying. ~ Cris, 13, Indonesia
I am Carlos the new tutor of the boy Franklin, he writes and greets you and together we are going to write this letter because the boy asked me for help. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
11.  My two brothers are very good to my grandma and they love her a lot. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
12.  Naomi says she has learnt about “Myself” at school and she likes it because it is a very interesting topic. ~ Naomi, 6, Ghana
13.  November is the winter month of the year.  ~ Guguloth, 18, India
14.  Now it is the rainy season here and I will get up from bed at 5:00am in the morning while hearing the sound of the bell from the temple and the voice of the cock's cuckoo.  Then, after washing my face, I will study till I go to school.  I have my breakfast at 7:00am. ~ Thineshka, 12, Sri Lanka
15.  Now, let's go, answering your little questions.... ~ Caua, 10, Brazil
16.  One thing I really like to do is take a bath  ~ Franklin, 6, Honduras
17.  People ride horses in Uganda at the zoo. ~ Zaina, 13, Uganda
18.  Remember, I love you. ~ Olga, 11, Bolivia
19.  Right now it is the rainy season where I live and sometimes it is so windy and so cold. However, sometimes it is hot. ~ Cris, 10, Indonesia
20.  Someday I would like to meet Helen Johnson, president of Liberia ~ Sandra, 9, Togo
21.  Thank you for praying for me to the good God. I love you so much. ~ Habineza, 8, Rwanda (Brother of Esperance)
22.  Thank-you for calling me “Prince”. It makes me feel big. ~ Victor, 9, Ecuador
23.  Thank-you for complimenting my beauty. Over here, it is a custom for girls to have our ears pierced when we are two weeks old. ~ Naomi, 7, Ghana
24.  The current weather where I live is hot. My favourite weather is cold because I like to play, walk, and do many things without sweating. ~ Victor, 8, Ecuador
25.  The doctor told me I'm in good health and should not eat candy. ~ Genoveva, 7, Ecuador
26.  The nickname I have for your baby is “Miracle.” ~ Zaina, 14, Uganda
27.  The teacher I like best at school is Mr. Anaful because he always gives me a gift. ~ Naomi, 6, Ghana
28.  There are dragonflies where I live and they are famous. ~ Pamela, 15, Peru
29.  There is great news from me: Now, I am a big girl!  My puberty ceremony was held recently, which was grand.  My parents and relations are very happy and my friends too!  I got some presents.  This was the first ceremony in my family.  ~ Thineshka, 12, Sri Lanka
30.  This year I am planning to create a documentary of my life in compassion and Christ and my life in general using a few clips that I will get. I have learned some editing skills which I would apply in it. I know it will take time and commitment. Pray with me that I achieve. When I will finish it I will share it with you. ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
31.  We are experiencing some hot weather with randomly little rainfall, ~ Atta Kuma, 14, Ghana
32.  We celebrate Christmas almost the same way that you do, just that it is hot here and I prefer to drink delicious soda or eat ice cream rather than drink hot chocolate. We always eat fruit cake. ~ Linda, 10, Peru
33.  We celebrated Father's Day. Everyone celebrated their fathers. We also celebrated my father. And we baked a delicious chicken and my father got really happy. ~ Olga, 10, Bolivia
34.  We celebrated Raksha Bandhan. I tied a Rakhi on my brother's wrist and he gave me money. ~ Kajal, 11, India
35.  We do not practice daylight savings but I know of savings groups and table banking. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
36.  We had a happy Easter, and we believe you had a happy Easter. ~ Symeon, 15, Rwanda
37.  We have enough leaves here. ~ Thineshka, 11, Sri Lanka
38.  We went on a field trip to Los Molles pool in April. It was very fun. We picked a Mr. And Mrs. Camp, and also we had a basketball and swimming competition. We also played with a rope in the pool, we played on the slide and we got baptized with the name of Penguins. We got painted and they filled us with sawdust and made us kiss a sheep on the head. Then they threw us in a pool of dirty sand. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
39.  When I`m in church, I like to read. ~ Estevenson, 12, Haiti
40.  When it is cold I play a lot with my friends. ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
41.  When we lose our teeth we dig a hole in the ground and keep them inside the hole and cover them so that the new tooth may come at the earliest.  ~ Kajal, 11, India
42.  Where we fetch water is near our house and not on Cyohaha lake because it is too far to fetch it there. I am not yet known to swim in that lake. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
43.  Yes, we have big grey birds in Ghana  ~ Atta Kuma, 11, Ghana
Some people in Rwanda know their birth date, but many people do not know it.  ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
44.  Yesterday I celebrated Mother's Day and I made a very pretty gift for my mum. I made a nice napkin holder. ~ Linda, 9, Peru
45.  You ask "How are me and my family?"  Well, we're fine, M’aam. ~ Clara 14, Philippines
46.  You asked me many questions which I want to answer. If I don't have enough room I will write on the back of this paper. ~ Linda, 9, Peru
47.  You make me laugh, it is like when my father tells jokes and we have a lot of fun. ~ Victor, 8, Ecuador
48.  My dear sponsor, I love you so much. See you next time. ~ Tsigereda,19, Ethiopia
49.  Our cow has no name because in our culture we name a cow when it gives birth and has a new baby cow. ~ Esperance 12, Rwanda
50.  Thank you very much for sending my pictures. I look very nice. How do you think I look in that picture? ~ Victor, 9, Ecuador


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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Christmas in October!

Drawing by Kajal in India
Christmas in October is actually the norm for me.  I have a tradition of putting up my Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving in my country is the 2nd Monday of October.  By most years standards, I'd have had it up by now.  However, last year things changed a bit and I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful daughter who turns one this week.  (It's gone WAY too fast!)

I've decided for her sake, that I'll save the tree until after her end-of-October birthday and it can go up the last weekend instead of mid-October from now on, and even a slightly bigger delay for this one year, because she's at the age where she will attempt to eat everything on the tree.

But this "I-might-make-it-to-mid-November" type delay doesn't mean that I can't have a bit of Christmas in October fun here on my blog!

In fact, October 31st is the deadline for giving to Compassion's Christmas Gift Fund!!!!!  Any money donated to this fund goes to help purchase a Christmas gift to every single child in Compassion's programs, whether they are sponsored or not!!!!!  Wow!  That's a LOT of Christmas gifts to buy!  No wonder the money has to be in so soon!

In the past, my children have often written to tell me what they received for their Christmas gift.

Keila (Bolivia) – Athletic Clothing
Kajal (India) – Blanket, Coffee Mug, Cake

Eby (India) – 10kg rice, 1 mat, 1 casserole, 1 cake and a tea cup
Kajal (India) – Cake and a Bag

Guguloth (India) – Travel Bag and an Outfit
Eby (India) – Rice, Cake, a Chair
Estevenson (Haiti) – Trousers
Caua (Brazil) – Clothing
Mukesh (India) – Clothing and an Umbrella
Franklin (Honduras) – Backpack, School Uniform, School Supplies

Estevenson (Haiti) – Sneakers
Eby (India) – Cake, 10kg rice, Bed sheet & Pillowcase
Kajal (India) – Cake, 2 Sweaters, a Nice Jacket

If you would like to donate to Compassion's Christmas Fund, please CLICK HERE to do so! (Or HERE if you are in Canada).

*Note: If you cannot give before the deadline of October 31st but still feel you would like to help out, you may give to the Christmas Gift Fund at any time of year, but gifts given after October 31st will go to next years Christmas gift instead of this years. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

50 Things that Made Me Smile - Part 2

Hi all!  Sorry for a long delay in posting part 2.  Part 1 of this post is located here: CLICK ME!

These are some quotes from letters that made me smile.  Some because they are sweet, some are humorous, and some for no particular reason at all.  The ages are the child's age at the time of writing, not their age now. There are a lot more than just 50, so I will continue this in a third part on Friday!

1.      “Praise the Lord! How are you?” Your little boy Mangisi asks with a smile. ~ Mangisi, 4, Kenya
2.      Activities that make me happy include cooking with my mum and learning more about God. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
3.      At my dental check up, I learned that I have to avoid eating too many toffees. ~ Naomi, 7, Ghana
4.      At school, I am well and just this year I am taking more new subjects and it is more difficult and the teachers are stricter.  ~ Keila, 14, Bolivia
5.      By the time this letter reaches you, you and Svenja will have become mothers. My loving wishes for the two babies. ~ Eby, 13, India
6.      During vacation, I went to my mother's house and we went to the beach. The waves brought so many shells to the seashore. I love it very much, but I didn't collect them. ~ Eby, 13, India
7.      For my birthday, my mum said that we are going to eat rice with beans. That's my favourite meal. ~ Francois, 12, Dem. Rep. of Congo
8.      Franklin is grateful to God because He allows him to live one more year and to enjoy all His wonderful things. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
9.      Having children is such a blessing, sponsor. When will your baby be born? ~ Linda, 11, Peru
10.  Hello! Thank you for writing to me. I want to go to school. I love you. ~ Clarisse, 5, Rwanda (Sister of Esperance)
11.  Hi! It's me again, writing you a letter.  ~ Clara, 12 Philippines
12.  I always pray for you that God will promote you from one glory to another. ~ Irene, 10, Kenya (Former Sponsored Child)
13.  I am a good girl and I like helping my parents a lot. ~ Naomi, 6, Ghana
14.  I am always grateful for your support. In fact, you are my best friend. ~ Irene, 10, Kenya (Former Sponsored Child)
15.  I am praying for Georgina often.  She looks so tiny but she looks so pretty too.  Her name was very unique.  I pray for her that she grows up to love God with all her heart and have strong faith. ~ Clara 14, Philippines
16.  I am really grateful for your letters that have showered me with a lot of smiles and laughter because of the humor in them. I imagine you are real! You narrate to me stories in a way that we are communicating face to face. ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
17.  I am so excited to hear about the birth of that baby girl of yours. I already saw the pictures of her. She's so beautiful and cute. I really like having her as a younger sister. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
18.  I am very happy knowing I already have a very special friend: you. ~ Olga, 9, Bolivia
19.  I am very happy that you have a child. ~ Tsigereda, 18, Ethiopia
20.  I busted into tears of happiness on learning that you were pregnant. Indeed God has answered our prayer. ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
21.  I close with a hug, wishing you and your beautiful daughter many blessings. With love from your friend. ~ Pamela, 15, Peru
22.  I do not have to have injections, so I am not worried. ~ Chokchai, 10, Thailand
23.  I do not know how my parents met each other, they didn't have matching skirts but they both liked to cultivate crops like beans, cassava and groundnuts. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
24.  I fear the light when looking at the stars, but I love looking at rainbows. ~ Irene, 9, Kenya (Former Sponsored Child)
25.  I have learned about video games. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
26.  I have never read the book of Ruth or Psalms, but I am going to read it. ~ Esperance, 11, Rwanda
27.  I like math, but I do not like grammar. ~ Linda, 10, Peru
28.  I like to play guitar, but I am only able to play one song on the guitar. I really like this song. I didn't learn to play guitar at the project, but my older sibling taught me to play the guitar. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
29.  I like to play with dolls and toy stoves. ~ Olga, 9, Bolivia
30.  I like your openness by informing me on how your baby kicks in the womb. It will be a bouncing healthy baby girl. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
31.  I love you too, ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
32.  I pray that you will live to see the goodness of the Lord.  ~ Atta Kuma, 15, Ghana
33.  I receive my letters in different ways. I receive them at school sometimes and sometimes they come to my home. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
34.  I remember one day you were asking if I have taken a photo on the equator one foot on the East and another to West. I took the photos to send you. It is just feels funny because it is an imaginary line. ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
35.  I tell you that a dog bit me, and my mum and my grandma are very mad at me because I was running around like a little child, but the owner of the dog didn't want to be responsible and we went to a doctor's house so the owner compromised to buy the medicine and he didn't want to show the dog's vaccine card, and after a time, he showed it and now my wounds are healing.  ~ Keila, 14, Bolivia
36.  I tell you that my young sister is already one year old and she is growing and she is nice and she is learning to say her first words like daddy, mommy. ~ Olga, 10, Bolivia
37.  I usually wash bowls during my holiday break. ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
38.  I want to tell you that I have a parrot named Lucas. ~ Linda, 10, Peru
39.  I want to tell you that we are so so. People have to work in order to eat. ~ Linda, 9, Peru
40.  I want to thank-you for the letter you sent me, which had good words on it. ~ Symeon, 15, Rwanda
41.  I want you to know that my family is doing great. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
42.  I want you to know that my parrot doesn't know how to talk. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
43.  I was extremely happy to hear that you liked my coconut tree drawing. ~ Eby, 13, India
44.  I was very scared when I was going for my medical check-up. ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
45.  I, myself, have written this letter for you and I have drawn for you. How do you like it? ~ Francois, 10, Dem. Rep. of Congo
46.  I'm glad you liked my drawing, although I'm not a good drawer. ~ Victor, 9, Ecuador
47.  I'm very grateful because you are very good. ~ Linda, 9, Peru
48.  In Rwanda we eat many different kinds of food, like beans and cassava, beans and sweet potatoes, banana and grandnuts, banana and beans and porridge and beans. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
49.  In Sri Lanka we have horses in zoos. ~ Thineshka, 11, Sri Lanka
50.  In the future I hope to visit a big hospital. I hope to meet a big doctor. ~ Martha, 6, Kenya


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Monday, 5 October 2015

My Compassion September

In September I was showerd with love from my Compassion kids. I received the awesome amount of 11 letters from 9 out of 14 kids.

I still can't believe my luck and I feel so blessed. Each letter is a blessing on it's own of course, but 11 letters in 30 days is breathtaking.

Here are the tidbits from all those lovely letters.

Lamine (BF)

"I am so happy to write to you this letter."

"My school year went well and my parents are happy of me."

"My family prayes for you."

Maryuri (CO)

"I greet you with great love in the preciousname of Jesus."

"In this occasion I'm writing to tell you that my favorite Bible stories are the ones about Daniel and the lions, and the prodigal son."

"My favorite months of the whole year are July, because of my birthday, and December, because of Christmas."

"On my birthday I'd like to go to the park with my mom and enjoy a delicous fried chicken, I'd also like to share a cake with all my family."

Nakasumba (UG)

"I thank you for all of your support you offer to me I really appreciate."

"My family really appreciates for your parental care you give me, thank you."

"I am planing to study hard to be the best girl in performances at our school."

"I want to be a doctor and also pass the science subjects, Chemistry, Math, History, Geography, English, Biology and Physics."

"I and my family we send you bless and my sister wish you good days."

Chistian (CO)

"I thank you for the monthly assistqance you provide me and the letters you sent me."

"The physical activity I do in the CDC is: playing soccer and getting plenty of exercise."

"I would visit the science museum because it is very interesting."

"I pray that the love of God always be with you and your family."

Teje (ET)

"My food is prepared by my mother."

"My favorite thing to do with my family is playing games."

"Please pray for my health."

"I am promoted from nursery to KG."

Gabriela (BO)

"May our Lord always protect you and your family."

"I thank you for the letters you sent me. It is good you had fun and you tell me about it and I can know about you."

"I would like to visit the dinosaur museum, it would be amazing and how big they were."

"I say goodbye with much love and a huge hug."

Bernardo (CO)

"I'm happy for writing to you and talking about some activties that I have been doing in the last days."

"My favorite month is May and I have fun celebrating mothers day, my mom had a good time because we danced."

"I thank you for the letter, photo and stickers that you sent to me, I'll share the little faces with my friends." (Note: I sent smilie-stickers and asked them to share them with friends or family members.)

"My time is running out but I hope to write to you again soon."

Mwaka (KE)

"I am doing well. My family is also doing well."

"I was happy to receive your letter."

"School is doing well and my favorite subject is English."

"I continue to put more effort in my studies."

"Say hello to all your family and friends."

"Thanks for the letter you sent me."

"I like to story about Moses and the burning bush."

"I celebrated Easter....and I enjoyed to eat and dancing."

 "God bless you all."

Jenny (HO)

"Through my letter, I want to thank you for the little gift you sent me in July. It is very beautiful."

"My favorite game is called the Corn Stacks.

"My family and I pray so the Lord will bless your life."

"What praise songs do you listen to? I listen to many praise songs."

"I am very happy to write to you and I am also very happy for the gift you sent me with your friend."

"Thank you for the love you give to me and for remembering me always."

"I say goodbye and hope you pray for me."