My Compassion March

I'm a couple of days late posting about all things Compassion in March, but I finally found some time. I received 6 letters and celebrated one birthday.

Happy 15th birthday to Bernardo!

Before I share a few parts from the letters I received in March here is a little side note: A couple of months ago my son Finn decorated cards with stickers for all our Compassion kids and we received the first comments about those cards.

Lamayian (KE)

"He sends greetings from his family to you."

"He thanks you for your letter and also for Finn's letter."

Nakasumba (UG)

"I am so happy that Finn sent me a postcard, it was so amazing."

"We went on a tour to the Uganda Museum."

"At the project I like so much the Bible memory verse and the Bible studies."

"My sister makes me happy every time."

Maryuri (CO)

"I'd love to learn how to skate."

"My cousin got a turtle but we haven't named it yet because we don't know if it's a make or a female."

"Please pray that my cousins and I can do well at school this year."

Sawadogo (BF)

"Thank you so much to think of me." 

"I pray that God always strengthens you."

"May 2015 be a year of peace and good health."

Gabriela (BO)

The letter from Gabriela was the first letter I received from her after taking over correpsonding with her from a friend. While she greeted me, the content of the letter was clearly for her former correspondence sponsor.

"It makes me very happy to get your letters and hear about you."

"Here classes started already and that pleases me because I am able to see my school friends again."

"I will be praying for you."

The last letter I received in March was from 12year-old Chistian. This letter is the first I received with an answer regarding a question I asked my kids a few months ago. The question was "Where do you see yourself in a few years time?"

Chistian (CO)

"I think when I am 15 years old I will be just as any other teenager that age."

"I would like to work as a diesel mechanic."

"I do well in playing soccer and I want to be good at it."


  1. I love the kids' responses to Finn's postcards!!! And how cute that Maryuri can't name the turtle yet since she doesn't know gender!

  2. Just finished reading these all Svenja, I love that Maryuri wants to learn to skate :D Did you tell her about skating?


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