What Will They Be When They Grow Up?

Children everywhere have hopes and dreams for the future.  What do your kids want to be when they grow up?  What did you want to be and are you that now?

Here is what my sponsored kids want to do:

Guguloth (India) – Policeman
Cris (Indonesia) – Traffic Cop, Mechanic
Caua (Brazil) – Join the Army
Mukesh (India) – Policeman (“To catch thieves because they steal everything!”)
Victor (Ecuador) – Firefighter or Policeman
Tsigereda (Ethiopia) – Doctor
Pamela (Peru) – Business Manager
Clara (Philippines) – Accountant or Teacher
Keila (Bolivia) – Vet and “Someone who enjoys their job!”
Esperance (Rwanda) – Doctor
Habineza (
Rwanda, brother of Esperance) – Truck Driver
Cynthia (Kenya) – Pilot
Sandra (Togo) – Nurse, or Dressmaker, or Lawyer for Children's Rights
Naomi (Ghana) – Teacher
Thineshka (Sri Lanka) - Doctor
Epher (Kenya) – News Anchor
Martha (Kenya) – Nurse
Mangisi (Kenya) – Doctor
Olga (Bolivia) – Teacher
Jayder (Colombia) - Soccer Player
Zaina (Uganda) – Hairdresser, Necklace Maker
Eby (India) - Army Officer

Child Sponsorship can help these children make their dreams come true! And I hope that all  my kids become, in the words of my Keila, "Someone who enjoys their job!"

Artwork by Atta Kuma in Ghana

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  1. What a fun post with your kids plans for the future! I just LOVE that our kids have plans and dreams and hopes for the future!


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