The Kids Explain Sponsorship: Part 3

Drawing by Clara in the Philippines
Recently (or not so recently to be honest, it was over a year ago now), I wrote a letter to each of my   Then I asked them to answer some questions for it.  There is a total of 5 Questions and I am posting one a day for five days.
kids/teens/young adults and told them about this blog.

#3.  What Would You Like Sponsors to Know about Why They Should Write Letters to Their Sponsored Child?

  • I believe it is important for a sponsor to write to a sponsored child because it helps them to know they are loved, and for communication to grow. ~ Zaina, 15, Uganda
  • Sponsors should write letters to learn about how their sponsored children are and what they need. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
  • Sponsors should write letters so that they and the children can know each other well and keep in touch, just like parents with children.  ~ Cris, 13, Indonesia
  • The reason why a sponsor has to write the sponsored child is to create a perfect relationship. ~ Estevenson, 13, Haiti
  • The letters are so important to the children.  It’s when we feel happier.  We learn the sponsors news.  It’s a way to strengthen the friendship bond between the child and sponsor. ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
  • Letters make a child feel a part of you and your family.  Letters make a child feel that you are a part of their family.  Letters make a child feel you are a part of them. Letters make a child happy and loved.  ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
  • The letters that we get from sponsors are so helpful as they may contain Bible verses, advice, etc.  And the letters from our side may help them to know our current status and to pray for us.  Children feel so glad whenever they receive birthday and family gifts. ~ Tsigereda, 19, Ethiopia

Stay Tuned for Question #4 Tomorrow: “How has Compassion helped you?”
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  1. What great reasons! I just love how these reasons are given from the kids themselves.


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