35 Questions to Ask Your Sponsored Child about Their Friends & Family

I've heard some sponsors say they don't write, because they aren't sure what to write about.  I've compiled some question list that might be helpful to you.  These were posted on my old blog, and I am reposting them here.  The third of these lists is 35 Questions to Ask Your Sponsored Child about Friends & Family. Feel free to use them in your letters, and to answer the questions for your children about yourself. 

Some of these questions will be appropriate only for older, or younger children or certain cultures, but I thought it might help some who are stuck with things to talk about.

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1. Who is your best friend?
2. How many siblings do you have?
3. How old are your siblings?
4. When are your sibling’s birthdates?
5. Do your siblings have sponsors?
6. Do you share a bedroom with any other family members?
7. Why do you like your best friend?
8. Are you close to any extended family?
9. How can I pray for your family?
10. Will you draw me a picture of your family? (Or send a photo)
11. What family traditions do you have?
12. What is your favourite family activity?
13. How do you help your family?
14. What are your parents’ jobs?
15. Which family member is closest to you in age?
16. Do you get along well with your family?
17. What activities do you enjoy doing with your friends?
18. Do your friends also have sponsors?
19. How old were you when you met your best friend?
20. Does your best friend go to the same school as you?
21. Do your friends have the same religious beliefs as you?
22. How often do you see your extended family?
23. Which relative do you resemble the most?
24. Which relative is your personality the most like?
25. What members of your extended family do you see the most?
26. What is your role in your family?
27. Do you spend more time with your family, or with your friends?
28. Who makes you laugh the most?
29. Do you and your siblings share your chores, or do you each have your own?
30.Do you do the same types of chores as your friends?
31. does the cooking in your family?
32. Do you have any friends or family members with the same birthday as you?
33. Do you go on family vacations?
34. How can I pray for your family?
35. How can I pray for your friends?

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