70 Questions to Ask Your Sponsored Child about Community, Country & Culture

I've heard some sponsors say they don't write, because they aren't sure what to write about.  I've compiled some question list that might be helpful to you.  These were posted on my old blog, and I am reposting them here.  The last of these lists is 70 Questions to Ask Your Sponsored Child about Culture/Community & Country. Feel free to use them in your letters, and to answer the questions for your children about yourself. 

Some of these questions will be appropriate only for older, or younger children or certain cultures, but I thought it might help some who are stuck with things to talk about.

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  1. What National holidays do you celebrate?
  2. Can you draw me a picture of your country’s flag?
  3. Describe a traditional costume that would be worn for a special occasion. (Or draw a picture of it.)
  4. How is Christmas celebrated where you live?
  5. How is Easter celebrated where you live?
  6. How is New Years Celebrated where you live?
  7. When is New Years Day?
  8. How are birthdays celebrated?
  9. When you first meet someone, how do you greet them? (Shake hands?)
  10. What do you do with your teeth when you lose them?
  11. What languages are spoken in your country?
  12. What languages do you speak?
  13. When you speak to an adult, is it polite or rude to make eye contact?
  14. What age are you considered an adult?
  15. Are some birthdays more special than others?
  16. Are marriages arranged by parents?
  17. At what age do people typically marry?
  18. Do you give thanks before eating?
  19. Do you use a twelve hour clock, or a twenty-four hour clock?
  20. What side of the road to people drive on?
  21. How important is punctuality?
  22. What types of animals are kept as pets?
  23. What types of music are popular?
  24. What types of instruments are played?
  25. Are there any traditional dances?
  26. Do you have a traditional costume for your area and how does it differ from those in neighbouring areas?
  27. What things are considered lucky or unlucky?
  28. Do you have any traditional fairy tales?
  29. What traditional festivals are celebrated in your community?
  30. Do you have a harvest festival?
  31. How do you welcome visitors in your home?
  32. What colours are in your country’s flag?
  33. Is it safe to play outside in your community?
  34. Do you know most of the people in your community well, or are they strangers?
  35. What is your role in society?
  36. Do you live in a city/village/town/other?
  37. Is your house close to the house of your neighbours?
  38. How many people live in your country?
  39. Do you live near a lake or a river?
  40. Do you live near mountains?
  41. What types of jobs do adults do?
  42. What types of jobs do kids do?
  43. Do you have electricity in your home?
  44. Do you have running water in your home? If not, how do you get water?
  45. What types of animals live in your country?
  46. Do you live near a large city?
  47. Can you draw me a map of your community?
  48. How do most people commute if they want to go somewhere?
  49. Does it snow where you live?
  50. What are your seasons like?
  51. What month is the hottest?
  52. What month is the coldest?
  53. What types of things do the people in your community do together?
  54. Who is the leader of your country?
  55. What are the main religions in your country?
  56. What are some interesting things about your country’s history?
  57. What does the word “success” mean to people in your community?
  58. How many schools are in your community?
  59. How many churches are in your community?
  60. Is there a town library?
  61. What fruits and vegetables grow in your country?
  62. What flowers grow?
  63. Do you have different forms of the word "you" depending on the context?
  64. What do you like best about the sponsorship program?
  65. What types of natural disasters are most common in your country?
  66. What type of calender do you use? (And what year is it in your country?)
  67. Have you met any foreigners who speak your language well?
  68. Which cities in your area have you visited?
  69. How can I pray for your community?
  70. How can I pray for your country?

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  1. Thanks for compiling all these questions! These are some great ideas for learning more about our kids' lives.


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