55 Questions to Ask Your Sponsored Child about School

I've heard some sponsors say they don't write, because they aren't sure what to write about.  I've compiled some question list that might be helpful to you.  These were posted on my old blog, and I am reposting them here.  The first of these lists is Questions About School.  Feel free to use them in your letters, and to answer the questions for your children about yourself, when you were in school. 

Some of these questions will be appropriate only for older, or younger children or certain cultures, but I thought it might help some who are stuck with things to talk about.  So I compiled a list of as many questions I could think of about school.

If anyone has some other questions about school, please leave them in the comments for us to add to this list!


  1. What grade are you in?
  2. What is your teacher like?
  3. What is your favourite subject?
  4. What is your least favourite subject?
  5. How many children go to your school?
  6. How many kids are in your class?
  7. Is there more than one grade in your classroom?
  8. What subjects are you taking?
  9. Do you enjoy school?
  10. How do you get to school?
  11. Are you friends with your classmates?
  12. Do your siblings attend the same school as you?
  13. What time does your school start at?
  14. What time does your school day end?
  15. Is the homework hard?
  16. Do you get a break during the day to play?
  17. What games do you play at recess?
  18. How long does it take you to get to school?
  19. Do you walk (bike, etc?) to school alone, or with someone?
  20. How long do you spend on homework each day?
  21. Does your school have any sports teams?
  22. Does your school have a library?
  23. How many days a week do you go to school?
  24. When are your school holidays?
  25. What is the name of your school?
  26. When do you write your exams?
  27. Which subject is the easiest for you?
  28. Which subject is the hardest for you?
  29. What types of discipline are used in your school?
  30. How old are you when you start school?
  31. How old are you when you graduate?
  32. Are the expectations for education the same for both boys and girls?
  33. Do your parents, teachers, and you have the same expectations about your education?
  34. Is there further education, such as a university, available in your town?
  35. How many kids sit at each desk in your class?
  36. Do you sit in rows, or in a circle?
  37. Do you have a class pet?
  38. Does your school have a mascot?
  39. What was your first day of school like?
  40. Do you think you will you miss school when you graduate?
  41. Give me an example of a math question you are learning how to do.
  42. What is the most interesting fact you have learned in school?
  43. Do you use pencil, pen, chalk, or crayons the most?
  44. Is bullying a problem in your school?
  45. What do you do, if anything, if you see a classmate being bullied?
  46. If you could learn more about anything in school, what would you want to learn the most?
  47. Do you go on school field trips?
  48. Do you do science experiments in school?
  49. Do you have computers in your school?
  50. Do you wear a uniform to school, or your regular clothing?
  51. What does your school uniform look like?
  52. Does your school have a playground?
  53. Do boys and girls play together at school?
  54. Do boys and girls sit together at school?
  55. How can I pray for your school?
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Drawing by Genoveva, age 8, Ecuador
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