Form letters for younger sponsor/correspondence kids

When I was assigned to be little Teje's correspondence sponsor I was completely baffled. I love to write letters to my kids, and most letters end up being much longer than I planned.

But with my four-year-old new addition to our family, I had the strong wish not to overwhelm her with my long letters - most of which are probably more suitable for kids above the age of seven or eight due to their length.

Slowly but steadily an idea formed in my head: if the youngest Compassion kids write form letters to us sponsors, why not do it the other way round as well?
I searched online for templates that came close to what I had in mind,but I didn't find much.

At some point I decided to make a list of things I want to share with Teje, such as:

- My Best Friend
- My Friends
- My Favorite Holiday
- My Country
- My Pets
- My Job
- My Child(ren)
- My School Days
- The Seasons
- My Wish for You

 and so on.

By now I have all 25 points from my first list turned into form letters, which was much easier than I thought at first. Once I sat down, the ideas came in waves.

I kept them in the same style as the form letters we receive from our sponsor and correspondence kids.

But despite my first thought to add colourful borders, background colours and theme fitting pictures to each template, I kept them in black and white. I only added small coloring pictures to a few of those templates but mainly only wrote down the sentences, questions and left enough space for my "answers".

Keeping them this simple also gives me the chance to decorate them individually, like printing them on colorful paper, adding age and gender appropriate stickers and pictures when I want to send them to another child or share them with other sponsors.

Which I will do now.

Here are the five samples of my templates. In\ you like them, feel free to use them to send to your kids. It would be wonderful though if you could let me know what you think of them.

This is Me
Where I Live
My Country
My Friends

 In case anyone wants to have more of them let me know as well and I will post more links in a future blog entry.


  1. I would love to share your post on Compassion's Pinterest boards. Would it be possible for you to edit your post to add a picture? Blog posts with photos are much easier to share on Pinterest.

    1. I'll see what I can do, but won't have a chance before tomorrow.

  2. I love these! Please don't stop!

  3. What an awesome idea. My compassion kids range greatly in age and I struggle coming up with ideas. Would love to see more.

  4. I love these!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them!! I would love if you shared your other templates also :)

  5. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments. I will share more soon.

  6. Great idea Svea. :)


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