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What’s Going on at Compassion?

What’s Going on at Compassion?

The answer to the title question would be “a lot”.  But rather than answering you myself, I’m going to leave that one up to the kids.  Here are some excerpts from the letters I’ve received.  The ages posted beside the child’s name is the age he/she was at the time of writing, rather than his/her current age.

  1. A spiritual retreat was conducted for all the collage children in our hostel. I participated in that. We prayed for all ill people, widows, orphans, those who are in trouble, for our project children and our sponsors. ~ Guguloth, 20, India
  2. Every month the project receives letters from sponsors, every first week of the month. ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
  3. In our project we have learned about how to be respectful of our parents. ~ Atta Kuma, 14, Ghana
  4. I'm glad to get nutritious food at the project. ~ Pince, 13, Indonesia
  5. At the project I've learned to be clean, to take care of my body, and to not be abused. ~ Genoveva, 7, Ecuador
  6. The student center and church moved to a rented house for one year because they are building a new church and a Student Centre. I am praying that they may finish soon. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
  7. I have made so many friends in the centre. The main thing is that I have come to know Jesus after joining the centre. ~ Kajal, 10, India
  8. At the centre we learn how to draw, sing and paint. We eat a delicious lunch of apples, grapes and ice cream. ~ Franklin, 6, Honduras
  9. At the project I have learned the story of Moses ~ Atta Kuma, 13, Ghana
  10. At the project I learnt some skills like making necklaces. We learnt about helping others and even reading the bible. ~ Zaina, 13, Uganda
  11. We celebrated Independence Day at our centre in August. ~ Kajal, 12, India
  12. Franklin wants to tell you that the project took him to a museum for children and to the planetarium and he was very excited. It was fun and he experienced new things. In the museum they taught how many bones the body has and they also taught him how to brush his teeth. ~ Franklin, 6, Honduras
  13. Our year-end project meeting was very good. Really God blessed me on that day and there was a fasting prayer in our church for 1 week. ~ Eby, 12, India
  14. Franklin says that in the project they had a medical check done and he is really good. They gave him vitamins and a de-parasite treatment. ~ Franklin, 7, Honduras
  15. We received a suitcase and notebooks from the centre. ~ Kajal, 11, India
  16. We went for three days to camp Kottayam with Compassion. We enjoyed that camp very much. The theme of the camp was “Choices”. We studied songs, actions songs, and bible quizzes. That camp was very helpful to my life. ~ Eby, 12, India
  17. My dental check up at the project was the first dental check up I have had. ~ Naomi, 7, Ghana
  18. I have been writing stories in my former C.D.C (Child Development Center) newsletter but this year I was the editor. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
  19. I received new shoes from the project. ~ Kajal, 10, India
  20. Sometimes we get egg curry at the project. ~ Eby, 13, India
  21. Right now I am learning at the Compassion project that the Lord came in this world to be born in a manger in order to give us eternal life. ~ Estevenson, 13, Haiti
  22. At our centre we have our Christmas party in the swimming pool. ~ Clara, 12, Philippines
  23. We had a four-day convention in my project. It was a huge blessing. ~ Eby, 11, India
  24. Our Compassion project conducted a Central Cluster Sports Meet from the 14th -16th of January. Our project children participated in the games and sports and won many prizes. The overall championship trophy was won by our project. ~ Guguloth, 19, India
  25. I like attending the project because the activities are interesting. I learn to colour pictures. Sister Sari is my mentor. She's very nice and fun. My younger sibling is also diligent in attending. ~ Cris, 11, Indonesia
  26. At the project we will have a camp and it will be very fun. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
  27. We celebrated our Christmas nicely in our centre on the 22nd of December. ~ Kajal, 13, India
  28. My activity at the project is very interesting. I'm learning the skill of handicraft, making things from various kind of used things. ~ Cris, 11, Indonesia
  29. In our centre we had missionary visitors from Nigeria, USA and Vietnam. They are all friendly and they taught us songs with actions. They stayed in our church for almost 2 weeks. They taught us encouragement and how to serve God. ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
  30. The Compassion National soccer Tournament which was held in Embu was very interesting. All the players from the Child Development Centers came to compete. I played in L.D.P Team. We played against our L.D.P staff and committee. We managed to beat them two goals to nil respectively. This was a precious moment to interact with our lovely staff. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
  31. In our centre, the first Friday of every month is a special Devotion Day. ~ Kajal, 10, India
  32. Here at the project our tutors teach us to be responsible at school. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
  33. At the project I have learned to make frames from used wallpaper. ~ Cris, 12, Indonesia
  34. Here at the project we had a beautiful celebration for Father's Day and I gave my dad a beautiful wallet. ~ Caua, 10, Brazil
  35. Franklin wants to tell you that they celebrated Child's Day at the project and he liked it very much because he had ice cream, food and they sang a song and broke piƱatas. ~ Franklin, 7, Honduras
  36. At the project we just got uniforms and all of us have to wear the uniform to enter the project. ~ Pince, 13, Indonesia
  37. I have moved a step in God’s ministry. In my December holidays some LDP student and I went to Embu to spread love and gospel of God. Moreover, we proceeded to Kitui where we interacted with child development center children (CDC).The compassion project that hosted me was young. The eldest children were in class 8. I had the privilege of informing the church, church partnership committee (CPC) and the church council more about LDP and compassion in general. I shared my testimony and they marvelled on what God can do through compassion. Compassion is a precious gift to me. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
  38. At the project we are learning some activities like making sweaters, mats, necklaces and others. I am in sweater making and I can make a mat.  ~ Zaina, 13, Uganda
  39. Last July we had our Nutrition Month at the project. We had a parade and we bring a hat with a fruits and vegetable chart. Then in August we had our Filipino month. Everyone must wear a Filipino costume and whoever had the best costume wins a prize. I also joined the Folk Dance at the end of the Filipino month. ~ Clara, 12, Philippines
  40. The 2013 L.D.P conference was of great impact to me. The theme was from Daniel 1:8; Stand Firm. It was brought to my knowledge that if I stand firm, God will come to my rescue in the midst of trial. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
  41. Here in the Compassion project we are memorizing scriptures. We sing beautiful songs. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
  42. VBS will be conducted in our center in June. ~ Kajal, 12, India
  43. At the project I am learning to pray, to take baths, to brush my teeth and to be obedient. ~ Genoveva, 7, Ecuador
  44. Naomi learnt a story about Joseph at the project. ~ Naomi, 6, Ghana
  45. I have learned a lot in the project, like how to bake cakes, and the teacher always teaches me on the importance of cleanliness. ~ Irene, 10, Kenya
  46. A few days back there was a two-day long medical camp organized at our centre. All the children were nicely examined by the doctors. Children who were unhealthy were given medicines. ~ Kajal, 10, India
  47. I participated in a special dinner that was organized at the project, which was very nice with delicious food. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
  48. We have activities at the center like SportsFest. We enjoyed many sports. ~ Clara, 13, Philippines
  49. We have received notebooks and a mosquito net from the centre ~ Kajal, 11, India
  50. In an LDP conference I learned about Emotional intelligence. As a leader there is need to control anger. By doing that you look wise and knowledgeable even if you are not. Ha ha ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)

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A Question I Nearly Forgot About

A few weeks ago I received a letter from one of my Compassion kids and it said "I think when I'm 15 years old I will be just as any other teenager that age."

I was a little surprised about that sentence; I wondered where it came from, but on a second thought our kids do surprise us in their letters.

Only a few days later I received another letter in which I was told, "I plan to finish school when I turn 15 years old."

That sure got me thinking. What had I forgotten about? It seems I had asked my kids about their plans for the future, but when? How?

And when the third letter arrived in a matter of two weeks with an answer to the mysterious question, all fell into place.

In September 2014 I didn't have time to write "proper" letters, so I decided to send just one little card, with only two questions on it, to my kids.

"Where do you see yourself in a few years from now? What are your dreams?"

So far I have only received the three letters I mentioned above with answers, but I can already say that this was one best questions I have asked my kids so far.

Here are the complete answers:

"I think when I am 15 years old I will be just as any other teenager that age. I would like to work as a diesel mechanic."

"I plan to finish my school when I turn 15 years old. I'd like to become a veterinarian doctor. I will study hard with the help of God. I'll do my best in order to help the animals after my graduation."

"In ten years I'll be in the career if God allows. I'll study styling. My dream is to be in Paris and I study a lot to go to Paris. My plans are to finish secondary, high school and the career to be someone in the life."

Have you ever asked your kids what they want to be in a few years time, where they see themselves?
What did your kids answer?

You haven't asked your kids yet? Why don't you send them a little note today? I'm sure you will love their answers as well.

My Compassion March

I'm a couple of days late posting about all things Compassion in March, but I finally found some time. I received 6 letters and celebrated one birthday.

Happy 15th birthday to Bernardo!

Before I share a few parts from the letters I received in March here is a little side note: A couple of months ago my son Finn decorated cards with stickers for all our Compassion kids and we received the first comments about those cards.

Lamayian (KE)

"He sends greetings from his family to you."

"He thanks you for your letter and also for Finn's letter."

Nakasumba (UG)

"I am so happy that Finn sent me a postcard, it was so amazing."

"We went on a tour to the Uganda Museum."

"At the project I like so much the Bible memory verse and the Bible studies."

"My sister makes me happy every time."

Maryuri (CO)

"I'd love to learn how to skate."

"My cousin got a turtle but we haven't named it yet because we don't know if it's a make or a female."

"Please pray that my cousins and I can do well at school this year."

Sawadogo (BF)

"Thank you so much to think of me." 

"I pray that God always strengthens you."

"May 2015 be a year of peace and good health."

Gabriela (BO)

The letter from Gabriela was the first letter I received from her after taking over correpsonding with her from a friend. While she greeted me, the content of the letter was clearly for her former correspondence sponsor.

"It makes me very happy to get your letters and hear about you."

"Here classes started already and that pleases me because I am able to see my school friends again."

"I will be praying for you."

The last letter I received in March was from 12year-old Chistian. This letter is the first I received with an answer regarding a question I asked my kids a few months ago. The question was "Where do you see yourself in a few years time?"

Chistian (CO)

"I think when I am 15 years old I will be just as any other teenager that age."

"I would like to work as a diesel mechanic."

"I do well in playing soccer and I want to be good at it."

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

4 Kids Needing Sponsors (April-May 2015)

These are the four children who I am advocating for until the end of May.  If you are interested in sponsoring one of them, please let me know!  Sponsorship is $41/month Canadian or $38/month USA.  If you live elsewhere and want to sponsor I will try to find out the going rate for your country as well.


Yuri is 2-years-old and she lives in Bolivia with her parents and sister.  She is not in school because she is too young.  She enjoys playing with her friends.  Her birthday is November 20th.

I have Yuri's packet until May 31st(Click the thumbnail to view the photo larger)



Rehema is 11 years old.  She lives with her mother, stepfather and 2 siblings in Uganda.  She is responsible for buying and selling in the market, washing clothes and caring for children.  

She enjoys singing, art, and telling stories.  She is in grade 4 and her favourite subject is English.  Her birthday is November 19th.

I have Rehema's packet until May 31st(Click the thumbnail to view the photo larger)


11-year-old Pedro lives in Nicaragua with his parents.  His birthday is November 23rd.  He helps his parents by gathering up firewood.

Pedro attends primary school where he gets average grades.  His favourite activities include playing with cars, basketball and ping pong.

I have Pedro's packet until May 31st(Click the thumbnail to view the photo larger)

 Kwibuka Pierre:

Pierre will be turning 3 next week on April 9th!  He lives with his parents and 3 siblings in Rwanda.  His parents sometimes work as farmers.

He does not go to school because he is still too young.  His favourite thing to do is to play with his friends.

I have Kwibuka's packet until May 31st(Click the thumbnail to view the photo larger)