Showered with Love

Today I received a letter from 9-year-old Maryuri, who lives in Colombia. She writes awesome letters but the one I got today made me feel like I was showered with so much love. I simply need to share it.

But before I let you read the letter here is a little information. Yeider is Maryuri's younger cousin. In a lot of letters she mentioned him. She was obviously worried about him, she kept telling me how he didn't pay much attention in school and used to get into trouble with the teachers. I started sending him little messages through Maryuri, encouraging him, telling him that I pray for him and his studies.
Earlier this year I received the news that Yeider and his mother moved to Venezuela, which also meant I couldn't continue to send him messages the way I used to. So the news I received in this letter made me really happy.

"Dear sponsor Svenja,
greetings: Hi beautiful sponsor. I greet you with great love and I send you a kiss and a big hug. I wish that you and your family are fine.

I live with my mother, my grandma Maria, my aunt Leidy, my cousins Liset and Charit, my cousin Brayan and Yeider.
I have one brother but I don't live with him because he lives in another city with my father and his mother.

My mother works washing dishes in a restaurant and she also cleans that place.

The activities that I do with my family are going to the park to have an ice cream and sometimes we go to the river and have fun playing with my cousins. What I like the most about my family is that they are very close and affectionated. We also share and enjoy the time we have with the rest of the family.
I am very happy to write to you. I got the silhouette of your hand and I will send you mine. You asked me how Yeider is doing. I tell you that Yeider has improved his grades just a little.

How was the wedding of Paul?

I tell you that Yeider and his mother are back in my grandmother's house. He send you a greeting.

I am glad to hear that you are going to cook the arepas. They are delicious.

I received the picture that you sent me. Your son is beautiful.

I want to thank you for the birthday card and all those beautiful presents that you sent me.
When is your birthday?

I wish with my heart that God blesses you a lot and that you always do well.
I want to give you Psalm 28:7.

With love, Maryuri"


  1. What a great letter!!!! It sounds like Maryuri's cousin really appreciates your letters...and how neat that you can start writing to him again!! That must have been such an encouraging letter.


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