Tell Your Young Sponsor Child About Yourself (Form Letters Included)

 A while ago I wrote an entry about the form letters I came up with for my youngest Compassion child Teje.

I split the rest of my form letters up into groups - "Things To Tell About Myself", "The Seasons" and "A Differnt Kind of Form Letters".

Today I want share all form letters related to "Things To Tell About Myself".

For the Best Friend-form letters I made three different versions when I started to share them in this blog, so everyone can use the "right" one. To all three forms I added small colouring pictures.

The form letters below I kept pretty close to the ones we receive from our youngsters, only not as colourful to give everyone the chance to print it on the paper you like and that fits the child you want to send it to the best. 

I'd love to read what you think of them, and if you have ideas for more form letters let me know. I'd gladly like to make them - but at the moment I'm running out of ideas ;-)


  1. I love these!! We're hosting a Compassion letter writing party next week and I think I'll print some in case sponsors are at a loss for what to write! Perfect timing :)


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