Christmas for Unsponsored Children

Sometimes I like to go to the Compassion website and pray over some of the kids that still need sponsors.  I wish I could sponsor them all, but of course I can't.  I think about how hard it must be for those kids to watch their peers receive love and letters from a sponsor, when they never do.

However, there is a few ways to bless these young ones at Christmas time each year, even if you can't sponsor one:

1. By donating to the Christmas Gift Fund.  When you donate money to this fund, it is used to making sure that every registered child receives a Christmas gift, whether they are sponsored or not.  Sponsored kids are told that the gift comes from their sponsor, whereas unsponsored children are told that the gift comes from someone who cares about them and loves them. 

Click Here to donate through Compassion Canada or
Click Here to donate through Compassion USA

2. By sending Christmas Cards to unsponsored children.  You can send as many Christmas cards as you like in one package and they will be distributed to the children without sponsors.  You do not need to use envelopes, but it is helpful if you do.  However, it's best if you do not seal the envelopes.  It is best not to send any attachments with these cards and please keep text short.  You can use store bought cards, or make your own. 

For those in the USA, please send the cards by November 17th to:
Compassion International,
Attn. Suzanne Hall,
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

For those in Canada, cards should be received by November 15th at:
Compassion Canada
985 Adelaide Street South,
London, Ontario N6E 4A3

(I'm not sure about in the USA, but last year Canadians sent in 2611 Christmas Cards and this year they have a goal of 3000!)

3. Sponsor a child.  Imagine one of those precious unsponsored children finding out they now have a sponsor just in time for Christmas.  You can sponsor through the websites by clicking here to sponsor a child through Compassion Canada for $41/month or clicking here to sponsor a child through Compassion USA for $38/month. 

I am also advocating over the next few months for four specific precious children who you can see by clicking here.


  1. I love how you shared ways to bless unsponsored kids also. I'm glad you have the right info!! Apparently the answer I received earlier this year had the wrong info :/ But I hope many kids get lots of cards!!

  2. Oi that's strange they gave you the wrong info! I got my info from Susan on fb (For the USA side) and the Canadian Advocate fb for the Canada info. I do hope loads of kids get cards too!


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