Getting Easter Letters Ready

Now that Christmas is over, the new year has started, and the daily routines have us back, it's time to think about what to send our sponsor kids for Easter.

I personally think that Easter letters are quite a challenge. While ideas for birthday and Christmas letters seem to come easy, I don't have much luck with Easter letters. In my first year as a sponsor I wrote about German Easter traditions but that doesn't work every year obviously. So I sat down and searched online for Easter crafts, ideas for things to send along and Easter blogs to get me inspired.

This year my kids will received Easter cards I made myself with photos from them and me and my family (pizap is great for such things!). As little gifts I will send stained glass cross coloring pages - two per child, one colored by me and the other for the kids to do themselves, and four sheets of stickers per child. In my letter I will encourage them to share three of those sheets with friends or/and siblings.

I did come across quite a few more ideas for Easter letters and want to share them with you below.

A huge THANK YOU to Emily, Hannah H., Yvonne, Hannah A., Julie and Jamie who agreed to let me share their blog entries, ideas for Easter letters and Easter crafts here.

First, here are two links to other blogs with Easter related entries:

Here is an entry for the Compassion Blog written by Yvonne:
Let's Talk About Easter

In the following blog entry Hannah shares her Easter letter from 2013
Because of Shamim

A couple of weeks ago I came across a wonderful website called "Hands On as We Grow"  where Jamie shares great activities and, in regard of our sponsor/correspondence kids, brilliant and easy crafts, which we can send to our kids no problem. And if you have young kids at home, with those crafts you can easily involve them into your letter writing.

My favorite craft ideas for Easter are Egg Splatter Painting and Easter Eggs with Ribbon. So next year I will send my Compassion kids a bunch of Easter Eggs.
I warmly recommend Jamie's website to all of you! Check it out, I'm sure you find many more crafts to send to your sponsor kids.

Hands On As We Grow

And here is now a list with more ideas

- write about Easter traditions
- share your favorite Easter related Bible verse
- Bible related stickers (crosses, Bible verses)
  (maybe add a few extra sheets for friends/siblings)
- Bible related coloring pages
  (you could ask your kids to colour one for their parents)
- coloring pages everything Easter related
- Bookmarks with Easter lilies, Easter eggs and Easter bunnies
- stained glass cross crafts
- Easter Activity Books
- send your kids a self-made picture frame with bunny ears (the one on the photo below was made within 10 minutes (yep that's rather obvious but I wanted you all to get an idea of what I mean.)
- make a cracking Easter egg card Cracking Easter Egg Cards found on
- Easter Memory Match Game (there are printables on Easter printables)

And before I come to an end, here is another great craft, which can be send any time of the year I think, but it does fit for Easter really well: Cross Craft

Now, I hope you all have fun doing your Easter letters.


  1. So many great ideas!!!!! Thank you so much for collecting them here!!! I'm saving these for next year. I like your idea of sending two coloring pages, and that you colored one of them!!


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