My Compassion January

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to share about letters, photo updates and birthdays at the end of each months. If you wonder why, it's simply because I love reading those bits from other sponsors so I hope a few of you will like to hear about my Compassion family on a regular basis as well.

January ended for  me with 7 letters received, one birthday, one photo update and one new member in my Compassion Family.
With "only" 15 kids - three of them really new members of my Compassion Family - I think it was a REALLY good Compassion month.

I received letters from Sonbordy (HA), Chistian (CO), Maryuri (CO), Nakasumba (UG), Teje (ET), Sawadogo (BF) and Bernardo (CO).

We often hear that our letters matter so much, but hearing it from our own kids is a whole different story. In January I was blessed with lots of comments about my letters.

Sonbordy's letter (which was also the first I got from him)

"Sonbordy says he feels very happy because he gets the privilege to write to you today."

"He tells you he isn't doing well because he got injured at foot. Thanks God the development center's nurse always bandages the wound and gives him medication."

"He will alsways pray for you as well."

"He loves you very much with all his heart.

Bernardo's letter (This letter was written by his older brother Osmaldo because Bernardo was out of town on letter writing day.)

"He is happy with the letters, postcards and photos you sent to him."

"He decided to spend his vacation with the family and to use the time to be with his three dogs."

"We talked and he said he'd like to become a great soccer player."

"Your hugs, love and kisses are well received."

"He hopes you are happy at Christmas sharing love, kindness and mercy with other people in need."

Teje's letter

"My prayer request for you is to pray for me to be healthy and a clever student."

"I have a brother and a sister."

"I love you."

Chistian's letter

"I am very happy because I approved the school year and will be in another grade."

"Thank you for your beautiful letters that you sent regularly. They are very pretty."

"Someday I would like to know about many cities of the world."

"I want to give you a verse in Psalm 46:1. I hope it will be a blessing."

Nakasumba's letter

"I have written this letter to thank you for the wonderful gifts like coloring pages and world map and photos that you sent."

"I am enjoying my holidays wwith my parents and my sisters and brothers."

"I told you that I want to become a doctor/nurse and a lawyer. So I pray to God that I work hard to raise up my dream plan.

I send my hugs and kisses to you and your family."

Sawadogo's letter

"I'm glad to write to you."

"I passed my CEP exam and the 7th grade entrance test."

"We learned to protect ourselves well at the Center."

"Please pray for my studies."

Maryuri's letter

 "I greet you with so much affection in the precious name of Jesus."

"Today I want to tell you that I have five friends at the foundation. They are special to me because they are kind and respectful."

"Jesus is the best friend everybody could ever have. He gave His life for me and gave me salvation."

"I thank God for your life."


On January 2nd my youngest Compassion child turned 5 years old.

Here is the old (left) and new (right) photo from my correspondence boy Sonbordy from Haiti.
He is nine years old and his hobbies are singing, art and soccer.

I also welcomed a new member to my Compassion Family - please meet 15 year old Gabriela from Bolivia. Her hobbies are running, reading and group games.
I took over the correspondence sponsorship from a friend. 


  1. What a great correspondence month you had!

  2. What a fun post!! I loved reading the bits from your letters and seeing your kids' faces.


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