92 Things My Sponsored Kids Wanted to Know

Here are some things that my sponsored and correspondent children have asked me, not including the more general and popular questions like "How are you, your family, and your country?"  The age beside the child's name is their age at the time of asking the question, rather than their current age.

I had a lot of fun answering my kids' questions, and maybe some of them will inspire letter ideas for you too!

  1. Which church do you attend? Atta Kuma, 14, Ghana
  2. How do you celebrate your birthday? Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  3. Who is the man you love the most in your life? Pince, 13, Indonesia
  4. What does Easter mean to you? Zaina, 15, Uganda
  5. Which is your favourite fruit and flower? Eby, 11, India
  6. How do you feel away from your parents, because I am next to mine and I feel at ease? Francois, 11, Democratic Republic of Congo
  7. What is your hobby? Cris, 10, Indonesia
  8. What are your favourite colours? Caua, 9, Brazil
  9. What pets do you like? Franklin, 7, Honduras
  10. What makes you happy? Tsigereda, 18, Ethiopia
  11. How old are you? Pince, 13, Indonesia
  12. Will you please sent me a family photo along with your next letter? Kajal, 10, India
  13. Where do you go on vacation? Linda, 9, Peru
  14. Do you really like snowball playing? Eby, 11, India
  15. I've never tasted wine. What flavour does it have? Olga, 9, Bolivia
  16. Do you love Jesus? Sandra, 8, Togo
  17. In your country, how many children are placed in a classroom? Naomi, 4, Ghana
  18. How did you take that photo of a Canadian street 115 years ago? Eby, 13, India
  19. What is your favourite Christmas song? Pamela, 14, Peru
  20. Do you have any children? Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  21. Do you like going to the doctor? Franklin, 7, Hondurus
  22. Did you go to church on Easter? Zaina, 13, Uganda
  23. Do you like babies? Linda, 9, Peru
  24. Is your weather very cold? Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  25. What are you doing right now? Cris, 11, Indonesia
  26. Do you celebrate Friendship Day in your country? Linda, 9, Peru
  27. Please tell me what helped you to succeed in school. Did you set goals? Because many things make people drop out of school.  Zaina, 14, Uganda
  28. I love school, what do you love? Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  29. What do you call the capital city of Canada? Zaina, 13, Uganda
  30. Do you know how to swim? Victor, 8, Ecuador
  31. Do you like singing? Mangisi, 4, Kenya
  32. What is the weather like there during Christmas? Pince, 13, Indonesia
  33. How long has your country existed? Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  34. Will your family celebrate Christmas this year? Pince, 13, Indonesia
  35. Are there parrots in Canada? Linda, 10, Peru
  36. What are the major newspapers in your country? Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
  37. Have you been to Haiti yet? Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  38. Do you play guitar? Pince, 14, Indonesia
  39. In Canada, can the weather change like it can in Uganda? Zaina, 14, Uganda
  40. What is the good news there? Eby, 11, India
  41. Do you like monkeys? Keila, 10, Bolivia
  42. In your community, do people raise animals and birds? Zaina, 14, Uganda
  43. What is your favourite time of year? Kajal, 10, India
  44. Can I ask you something? Are you studying? Olga, 10, Bolivia
  45. Do you live with your family? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  46. When will you come down to Peru? Linda, 9 Peru
  47. Do you use grasshoppers to make a sauce? Zaina, 14, Uganda
  48. Are there kidnappers in your country? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  49. Do you love jokes? Victor, 9, Ecuador
  50. Did you finish school a long time ago? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  51. When you were a child, did you participate in extra activities at your school? Keila, 13, Bolivia
  52. How are your doggy and cats doing? Kajal, 11, India
  53. Did you major in something? Linda, 9, Peru
  54. Which is your favourite food?  Eby, 11, India
  55. What do you often do? Cris, 10, Indonesia
  56. Can you draw me a flag of your country? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  57. Do you know how to make ice cubes?  Eby, 11, India
  58. Do you like to work? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  59. How long have you been pregnant? Linda, 11, Peru
  60. What is your favourite animal? Olga, 9, Bolivia
  61. Are there any rambutan fruits where you live? Cris,11, Indonesia
  62. Are you from a great family? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  63. Can you send me a photo of your brother's cat? Eby, 12, India
  64. Do you speak Indonesian? Cris, 11, Indonesia
  65. Do you work every day? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  66. Do you have brothers or sisters? Linda, 10, Peru
  67. Are you a fan or supporter of any sports teams? Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)i
  68. When will you come to Haiti? I need to see you face to face. Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  69. Do you like to plant a garden? Cris, 12, Indonesia
  70. Are you safe there in your house? Clara, 13, Philippines
  71. What is the climate there? Eby, 11, India
  72. Did you used to go to movies? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  73. Do you have any birds at your home? Zaina, 13, Uganda
  74. Where you live, are there Compassion projects? Keila, 12, Bolivia
  75. Do you like sports? Eby, 11, India
  76. Do you like to play with children? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  77. Do you have trees, grass and flowers where you live? Zaina, 13, Uganda
  78. What is your favourite meal? Linda, 9, Peru
  79. What do you enjoy at church? Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
  80. Do you practice sports while pregnant? Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  81. Sister Teresa, have you ever written a novel? Cris 10, Indonesia
  82. Can you tell me about ice cream with soda? I would like to learn how to do that. Franklin, 8, Hondurus
  83. Would you like to be called a princess? Victor, 8, Ecuador
  84. Where do you live? Mangisi, 4, Kenya
  85. What was your dream to become when you were a child? Tsigereda, 18, Ethiopia
  86. What do you do for a living? Pamela, 15, Peru
  87. Do you live in a town or a village? Pince, 13, Indonesia
  88. What do bears look like? Zaina, 13, Uganda
  89. What are your plans this coming summer? Clara, 14, Philippines
  90. Is there much water where you live? Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  91. Can you tell me what animals you saw on your trip? Francois, 10, Democratic Republic of Congo 
  92. Does the media have a lot of freedom in your country, or is it restricted? Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
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  1. What a fun post!! I'm still laughing about the "do you like wine?" question!!!!

  2. "How did you take that photo of a Canadian street 115 years ago?" This makes me laugh, and it makes me think. I love that :D


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