Go Into All The World - A book review

Today I want to tell you about a book, I had the pleasure to read recently, and before I get into it here is one of my favorite quotes.

"Why? Why make your dreams and visions all about yourself? We have one chance to make a difference to the world around us, and the best way to do that is to invest in other people."

In 2006 David started sponsoring his first child - five-year-old Dalia from Colombia. From that day on God started revealing an incredible path for David.

At one point David sponsored 55 kids in 26 countries. He has visited 31 kids in 12 countries and last year David decided it was time to sit down and write about his inspiring journey.

In his book David shares the up and downs of visiting your sponsored children. He doesn't paint a happy picture, he tells us about heartbreaking moments when he visited his kids, he talks about moments when it was hard to click with his sponsor kids and their families when meeting them, and he lets us be part of the heartwarming moments when a child opened up, and shared about the wonderful experiences that meeting your kids can be.

David saw first hand how Compassion changes the live of children in poverty, how the whole family benefits from the work of Compassion and he shares all that with us.

Reading David's book gives you an insight into the lives our sponsor kids face every day in a way so unique and special. You learn so much of the work Compassion does by reading Go Into All The World, you get to visit various projects when you read it.

It doesn't matter if you are sponsor wholeheartedly or if you wonder if the letters you sent really make that much of a difference. Go out there, buy Go Into All The World, join David on his journey and a lot of questions will be answered.

If you think that child sponsorship doesn't work - but you are willing to be convinced, please read the book, I'm sure you will be surprised.

In case you want some more information before purchase the book, why don't you check out David's blog, his Facebook page or this interesting 9 minutes video.You can also get a wonderful insight of David's journeys on his You Tube channel - I could watch those videos over and over again.

"Go into All the World" by David Chalmers can be bought at CreateSpace, word.com.au, Koorong or Arkhousepress


  1. Thank you for posting this! I will look into the book and his YouTube channel.


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