My Compassion February

I can't believe it's already March. When I wrote my blog about all the letters, birthdays and photo updates in January, I had ideas for two more entries which I wanted to write in February. But as you can see, nothing happened. Life sure got in the way.

But let's talk about the great things February brought.

I received again 7 letters, celebrated on birthday and was blessed with two new photos.

My letter writers were Citlali (ME), Darcy (CO), Sonbordy (HA), Pyrah (PH), Mwaka and Nyamvula (both from Kenya and two of the 1000 kids) and Jenny (HO).

Citlali's letters:

"My family and I are very good, with God's help.

The postcard you sent me is very nice. If you can, please send pictures with Finn.

Please send my greetings to Jenny and her family.

Thank you for everything you've done to me."

Jenny's letter:

I love your encouragement towards me.

I will keep the letters.

Well, the flower I love is the geranium, it smeels delicious and it's pink.

In this small letter I want to thank you in a very special way."

Pyrah's letter (her first letter in English):

"I was happy upon knowing aboout your tradition there in the Alps - the Viehscheid.

The people in their traditional clothes are nice to see.

Thank you for the hug and kisses, and thank you for loving me."

Sonbordy's letter:

"Sonbordy feels a great joy in his heart to get the chance to write to you.

He spent a great Christmas when he went to a great party at his project.

He's glad you have a new baby and several pets.

He asks you to pray for him to succeed in all his activities.

Darcy's letter:

"Thank you very much for remembering my birthday because it is wonderful to me.

I am very glad to know that there are people living so far away that love me very much.

Have you ever failed in a school subject?

Someday I would like to sing in a very pretty voice."

From my Kenyan princesses I received my first letters in February.

Nyamvula's letter:

"My best Bible story is David and Goliath.

I have a brother (8years old) and a sister (16years old).

My best school subject is English.

My parents are also happy that you are sponsoring me.

May God bless you and be with you always."

Mwaka's letter:

"I have a two siblings - Ali 12 years old and Bahati 10 years old.

My best subject is sience and my favorite Bible story is Moses and the burning bush.

I thank you so much for accepting to be my sponsor.

May God bless you so much."

The photos from Jenny and Maryuri got updated. Aren't those two precious young ladies growing up? I love that Jenny looks much more relaxed in her new photo and I am sure she wears the tiniest of a smile on her lips. And Maryuri - what a smile!

On February 2nd my Kenyan princess Nyamvula turned 13 years old. Happy Birthday Nyamvula!

Can't wait to find out what March has in store.


  1. I loved the letter tidbits and the photo updates are just beautiful!!!!!!


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