A Question I Nearly Forgot About

A few weeks ago I received a letter from one of my Compassion kids and it said "I think when I'm 15 years old I will be just as any other teenager that age."

I was a little surprised about that sentence; I wondered where it came from, but on a second thought our kids do surprise us in their letters.

Only a few days later I received another letter in which I was told, "I plan to finish school when I turn 15 years old."

That sure got me thinking. What had I forgotten about? It seems I had asked my kids about their plans for the future, but when? How?

And when the third letter arrived in a matter of two weeks with an answer to the mysterious question, all fell into place.

In September 2014 I didn't have time to write "proper" letters, so I decided to send just one little card, with only two questions on it, to my kids.

"Where do you see yourself in a few years from now? What are your dreams?"

So far I have only received the three letters I mentioned above with answers, but I can already say that this was one best questions I have asked my kids so far.

Here are the complete answers:

"I think when I am 15 years old I will be just as any other teenager that age. I would like to work as a diesel mechanic."

"I plan to finish my school when I turn 15 years old. I'd like to become a veterinarian doctor. I will study hard with the help of God. I'll do my best in order to help the animals after my graduation."

"In ten years I'll be in the career if God allows. I'll study styling. My dream is to be in Paris and I study a lot to go to Paris. My plans are to finish secondary, high school and the career to be someone in the life."

Have you ever asked your kids what they want to be in a few years time, where they see themselves?
What did your kids answer?

You haven't asked your kids yet? Why don't you send them a little note today? I'm sure you will love their answers as well.


  1. I love hearing their responses!!! I ask this question, but I think it gets lost in longer letters. I might borrow your idea and write a short note asking this.


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