My Compassion April

April started with a birthday in my Compassion Family. Chistian, my beautiful correspondence boy from Colombia, celebrated his 13th birthday on April 1st.

And this months I was blessed with 8 letters. Below the picture I'll share bits and pieces from those letters. 

Teje (ET)

"I like playing football with my friends."

"I do good at school. I study hard."

"I love you."

Darcy (CO)

"The activities that I did on my break from school were attending church, singing and praying."

"I'd like to become an veterinarian doctor."

"I will study hard with the help of God."

"I always pray for you."

Bernardo (CO)

"I want to thank God for all the opportunities to have this communication with you."

"I'm wishing great blessings for you and may you red this words at the right time."

"I received your letters and pictures and map, the distance seems really far but that doesn't matter, I have you in my heart."

"Please reply soon."

"I love you in God's love."

Citlali (ME)

"My dream is to be in Paris and study a lot to go to Paris."

"I remember you and tears go out of my eyes."

"I want to thank you for what you tell me and things you send me."

"When you look at the stars, remember me as each of them is a kiss for you."

Pyrah (PH)

 "I pray that you are in good health always, pray that I am in good health too."

"Me and my entire family were happy celebrating Christmas and New Year."

"May God be with us all."

Mwaka (KE)

"I hope you are fine."

"I thank you for your letter."

"I am doing well in my grade and I am enjoying the classes."

"I want to take this time to thank you very much for accepting to be my sponsor."

"I like yellow flowers because they are very beautiful flowers."

Nyamvula (KE)

"I together with my family are fine."

"At the project I do like singing and playing ball."

"My favorite fruit is mango."

"Good bless you. Thank you."


  1. I loved reading the bits of your letters!! I especially loved hearing their dreams... To visit Paris, to become a vet... That's what I love about Compassion and how they help kids!


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