My Compassion May

Compared to previous months, May was quiet, Compassion-wise.

None of my kids had birthdays and no photos were updated.

But I did receive five letters.

Here are my favourite bits.

Lamayian (KE)

"Receive greetings from your sponsor child Lamayian."

"School is good and I'm working hard to achieve the best grades."

"May the good Lord protect you and see you through."

Sonbordy (HA)

"I'm really happy this morning because It ake my pen to write you by myself."

"My family and I are fine thanks to God."

"I plan to be a famous engineer and work to help my family."

"Regarding my scenery, I like to see the fishes in the sea."

Maryuri (CO)

"I would like to tell you that we celebrated Christmas fathered with all of the kids from the projec in a great party."

"During my Christmas vacations I played tag, to pretende to be a teacher, to the dolls and master chef with my cousins."

"I ask you to continue to pray for my studies and for my cousins' studies."

Jenny (HO)

"Through this letter I want to thank you for the letters that you sent, they were precious."

"I always carry you in my prayers. I ask you to pleasse carry me in your prayers."

"My goals are to graduate as a teacher."

Gabriella (BO)

"I like Mazanilla (Traditional flower), which has a nice smell."

"My parents are doing well at their job."

"My goal is to be the best agronomist."

"...I like to observe how ants work which is something amazing. It is also great to see plants, sky and birds. It is very beautiful all the world that God gave us!"


  1. What great letter tidbits!! I always love hearing the kids dream about their futures. And Gabriella's observations about the ants were beautifully stated. Thanks for sharing!!


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