My Sponsored Kids React to...Each Other

One thing I've always done is told my sponsored children that I sponsor others.  Why? I have several reasons.

  1. So they can pray for each other!  They are part of a big sponsorship family, and I imagine it's probably fun for them to have brothers/sisters in Christ around the world!
  2. I'm hoping to keep in touch with them after they graduate from Compassion via facebook, etc.  Also, it's always possible they might stumble across this blog.  I wouldn't want them to be shocked by it and wondering why I didn't tell them.
  3. Sponsoring is a big part of my life, and I try to share my life with these kids as much as I can!  I love them like they were a part of my extended family!

So, I tell them.  And here's how I go about it.

First, I do sponsor a lot, too many for them to keep track of all the others.  So I first tell them that I write to many children around the world and that they are part of a large sponsorship family.  Then I match them up with one other child as their special "Prayer Sibling" and ask them to pray for that particular one.  I make up a "Child Packet Letter" for them, telling them the other child's hobbies, country, birth date, siblings, school grade, and etc.  I also send them photos of their Prayer Sibling.  I ask them to pray for their Prayer Sibling and say that if they have any messages for each other, I will pass them on.

Then I keep them up-to-date.  When they send those messages to each other, I make sure to pass them on.  I also send them letters telling them about their Prayer Siblings new photo updates, prayer requests, or any exciting news they might have. 

On occasion, when something happens (such as a child's parent dying), I will also forward that prayer request to all of the kids, and not just the one prayer sibling.

Here are some things my kids have said about each other (Note, the age is the age the child was at the time of writing it, not their currant age):

"Say hello to Pince for me. which class is she studying in?" ~ Eby, 12, India
"I am praying for you, and also for Zaina," ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
"I was very happy to see the photo of Estevenson." ~ Eby, 13, India
"May God bless you for assisting Olga." ~ Phoibe, 19, Rwanda
"Please say hello to Genoveva for me." ~ Pamela, 15, Peru
"Thank you for your generosity in sponsoring me and other children in other regions and countries." Pince, 13, Indonesia
"Thank you for the photos of Clara. The message I have for Clara is: I love her. She is beautiful and pretty." ~ Zaina, 14, Uganda

"I will pray for my brother Eby. I`d like to know what grade Eby is in." ~ Estevenson, 12, Haiti
"How are Linda, Cris, Esperance and Keila doing?" ~ Kajal, 10, India
"I am thankful for Linda's photo. I am praying for Linda so that God will help her to excel in life. Tell Linda that I love her so much and hope to see her, God willing." ~ Irene, 10, Kenya
"I will search where Irene's project is and if possible visit Irene. Tell her that she is unique fearfully and wonderful made in the image of God. No matter where she comes from her dreams are valid. I am also praying for her." ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)

"Please tell sister Zaina I am fine here and how is she also?" ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
"I see the photo of Estevenson and I always pray for him." ~ Eby, 12, India
"Give my regards to Pince," ~ Eby, 12, India

"What is Naomi's favourite colour?" ~ Sandra, 7, Togo

"How is Clara?" ~ Zaina, 14, Uganda
"I am praying for Esperance, Keila, Cris and Linda." ~ Kajal, 11, India
"Inform Tsigereda that she is beautiful and God loves her and that she is a head but not the tail, a victor not a victim of circumstance, above and not below. I am praying for her that God will help her perform well in school." ~ Epher, 24, LDP

"I am praying for Irene. I would like you to tell her that she should hold on to the Lord." ~ Linda, 11, Peru
"I will pray for Clara." ~ Zaina, 14, Uganda
"I will pray for Cynthia, that she feels God take care of her and that He blesses her." ~ Linda, 12, Peru
"Please tell Zaina thank-you and that she's beautiful also." Clara, 15, Philippines  


  1. How sweet that you connect the children in this way. I never would have thought to get them involved in one another lives like this, although I just recently got more than one sponsored child by adding a correspondent child. I love seeing all the Compassion sponsor blog as I'm picking up so many ideas.

  2. This is such a fun idea!! Thanks for sharing how you went about this. I think I might try this next year. I have shared with all my kids about our graduate in Uganda and I shared a game that one child shared... I shared her game and story with all the other kids! They really enjoyed "meeting" Mary and learning her game. And she was so proud that I had shared her game with my friends.

  3. I think I will try this to I told my sponsor children the names of the others I sponsor I think it would be fun to do.


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