My Compassion June

June was an incredible Compassion month for me. In the first eight days I received nine letters.  After that, the national mail service here went on strike and there weren't any more letters.
The letters I received were from Jenny, Bernardo, Citlali, Sawadogo, Floridalma (2 letters at once), Chistian, Darcy and Sonbordy.

One of the letters was the final letter from Floridalma, she has finished the program in December 2014.

"With this letter I want to thank you for everything you have given me, and for the benefits I received."

"It was a pleasure to and a blessing to have shared with you and I grew fond of you in spite of the distance that separates us."

"One of my goals for the future is to become a pediatrician. I know that the career I chose requires many years, but I know that with your prayers and God's blessing I will achieve it."

And here is her drawing:

Here are now some more highlights from the letters I received.

Floridalma (the 2nd letter which was written a couple of days before her final one)

"Thank you for that very special message you wrote to me."

"Let me tell you that, thanks to God, I am very well."


"My favorite fruit is also strawberry and I like it even better when I have it on a milkshake."

"The zebras are very pretty."

"What I like to do with my family is going to the beach and stay to camp."


"Through this letter I want to thank you for the letters that you sent, they were precious."

"My goals are to graduate as a teacher."

"I want to tell you that I am learning much about God."


"I am grateful .... for the wonderful present to me, like those pictures of Christiano Ronaldo, my preferred player. I know, one day in the future I will become like him."

"I help my mother at home to fetch water and running errands."

"My studies for me have worked out well at school, as I am keeping my good work to get my goals."


"My activities are my school, the club and my church are going very well."

"I had an excellent Easter holiday with my family."

"I am happy to let you know that each Saturday, I go to swim in the sea."

"Pray for me that I can be kinder towards my parents."

"I am praying for all of you and I love you."


"I celebrated my birthday with my friends."

"I still play and practice soccer. My team has travelled to play in different cities. We have won many games."

"I want to become a famous sportsman."

"As a family we gather together to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays."


"I like to go to school and I have done very well."

"In the afternoon I go to the project. What I like the most is when your letters arrive."

"I would like you to help me praying for my mom and for all my family."


"I am happy to hear from you through your letter.  Be sure I have received it and appreciate it."

"I am glad to hear it in this sentence "you are important in my life". I love you."

"You are important for me also."

Sadly I also had to say goodbye to Sawadogo, he and his family moved away to an area with no Compassion project. I assume that the letter I received in June is the last one, and I couldn't have asked for a better one.

I was put back on the waiting list for a new correspondence and only two days after I lost Sawadogo I was able to welcome 10-year-old Lamine to my Compassion family. Like Sawadogo, Lamine also lives in Burkina Faso. He lives with his mother and father and loves to play group games, football and hide-and-seek.

Last but not least my correspondence girl Nakasumba celebrated her 13th birthday.

                                      Happy Birthday!


  1. What a great month!! I hope the mail workers' strike has ended so that you can receive more letters this month. I love Floridalma's final letter...they bring such closure and are an encouragement. And welcome to your new young man!!


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