50 Things That Made me Smile

Here are some quotes from letters that made me smile.  Some because they are sweet, some are humorous, and some for no particular reason at all.  The ages are the child's age at the time of writing, not their age now. There are a lot more than just 50, so I will continue this in a second part at a later date!

  1. Aunty, we also have your favourite food here. Sandwiches are the main food item in hotels. ~ Eby, 11, India
  2. Cris would really like to hear your stories, Teresa. Please tell Cris. Cris would be glad to hear it. Cris really would love to hear your stories. Cris looks forward to hearing from Teresa. Written by Cris. ~ Cris, 9, Indonesia
  3. Dogs are very beautiful and I really like to play with them and caress them and hug them. ~ Franklin, 7, Honduras
  4. For PE class we went around the school to the market 15 times, but I just did 12 and the others cheated and just did 9 but the others told the teacher they did 15 times. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
  5. Franklin was nervous at first, but the doctor was very kind and affectionate to him. ~ Franklin, 7, Honduras
  6. From now on I know who your family is. She and He are your younger brother and younger sister, right? ~ Clara, 12, Philippines
  7. Good Morning from India.  ~ Guguloth, 20, India
  8. How are you and your family doing in Canada, my sponsor? I think that America is very interesting. ~ Pince, 13, Indonesia
  9. How are you? I believe that you are fine. ~ Eby, 12, India
  10. How are you? You must be fine, right? Because God always guides his children and those who believe in Him, whereever they are. Amen. I'm always fine too. ~ Pince, 13, Indonesia
  11. Hugs and Kisses from far away. ~ Pamela, 13, Peru
  12. I also like to do fun things. I will climb up into a tree and sing songs. This is very exciting to others. ~ Eby, 13, India
  13. I am awaiting to hear your favourite interests. ~ Eby, 11, India
  14. I am happy your brother graduated and took a photo with your family. ~ Tsigereda, 18, Ethiopia
  15. I am really concerned about you not having children, but let me start praying for you to get a child in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ Zaina, 13, Uganda
  16. I am small with tan skin, straight hair and black eyes. ~ Victor, 7, Ecuador
  17. I am writing a letter to you. I can see other pupils writing letters. ~ Zaina, 13, Uganda
  18. I and my family wish you peace, good health, and wonderful moments. ~ Esperance, 8, Rwanda
  19. I can do some things in French, but I'm not totally good at it. ~ Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  20. I have 4 siblings now, but I don't know exactly their birth dates and birth months. I only know the years.~ Esperance, 9, Rwanda
  21. I have drawn a flag of Rwanda for you, but I am not a good drawer. ~ Esperance, 9, Rwanda
  22. I hope the baby in your tummy is fine. ~ Cris, 12, Indonesia
  23. I hug you so much through this letter. ~ Phoibe, 19, Rwanda
  24. I invite you to read this. ~ Tsigereda, 18, Ethiopia
  25. I know some English words such as: door, table and window .~ Cris, 10, Indonesia
  26. I like movies, especially Jurassic Park.~ Eby, 13, India
  27. I like my mum and she likes me because I help her in need. ~ Zaina, 14, Uganda
  28. I like school, but not a lot. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
  29. I like the cool weather because it doesn't make me sweat.  ~ Victor, 8, Ecuador
  30. I like to hear the sound of the rain, drizzling. It's still the rainy season here. ~ Cris, 12, Indonesia
  31. I pray that you have a good birth-giving. Estevenson 13
  32. I read that you celebrated the Christmas vacation and I think that your fever gave you a break from your celebration. ~ Eby, 12, India
  33. I see many ducks in our village ponds. ~ Mukesh, 9, India
  34. I want to be a policeman because I could manage the traffic so there wouldn't be any traffic jams.~ Cris, 11, Indonesia
  35. I want to tell you that I am behaving for my parents. I am respecting them! ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  36. I was on vacation and I learned how to swim.  ~ Victor, 7, Ecuador
  37. I watch your photo every day. ~ Kajal, 10, India
  38. I went camping when I was on vacation. We had fun for two days. Then we returned to school. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
  39. I wish you a belated happy birthday. God will help give you more age. ~ Eby, 12, India
  40. I would like to tell you about my class. There are 50 kids in it and they are all my age.
    ~ Esperance, 8, Rwanda
  41. I`ll pray for you to help me always.~ Estevenson, 12, Haiti
  42. I'm already a lady now, I'm 14 years old. ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
  43. I'm leaving you here, we'll talk more later! ~ Estevenson, 13, Haiti
  44. It must be very good to have snow. ~ Caua, 10, Brazil
  45. It's very nice to meet you too. So you are very excited to know my name, I'm Clara, 13-years-old. ~ Clara, 13, Philippines
  46. My best friend is Benson and he is 12 years old. I trust him because he helps me in every way that he can. ~ Erickson, 11, Kenya
  47. My brother loves me very much.  ~ Eby, 12, India
  48. My church has two main sections: The childrens one and the adults one. I am in the childrens one. ~ Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  49. My family and I have just moved to a livlier environment. ~ Cris, 11, Indonesia
  50. My favourite toy is the Tarzan Car. ~ Mukesh, 8, India


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