My Compassion July and August

Over the summer, my time to write has been even more limited than the months before. So I decided to post about July and August together.

July and August brought me 15 letters (including the Thank-you-letter from Sonbordy's project staff), 4 birthdays and another goodbye.

Let's start with the sad news.

Sonbordy from HA left the program and it would be wonderful if you all could say a prayer for him and his family.

I have received a final letter from the leader of his project.

"Dear Svenja,
the leaders of the project HA-312 greet you in the name of Jesus. We than you for what you have done to deliver Sonbordy from poverty. Thanks for his school. He learned how to read and write and to be physically healthy. Thanks for your love that permitted him to be developed. Thanks! God bless you."

My birthday kids in July were Maryuri and Chistian both from Colombia and Mwaka and Pyrah celebrated their birthdays in August.

The letters I received were written by Teje, Nakasuma, Gabriela, Lamine, Jenny, Lamayian (all in July), Citlali, Darcy, Maryuri, Chistian, Pyrah, Mwaka, and Nyamvula (2).

Teje (ET)

"I am the 5th child in the family."

"The color of my eyes is black."

"One thing I really like to do is play with friends."

"Please pray for my health and my education."

Nakasumba (UG)

"Even I want to pray to God for your family, especially for your family."

"I pray for your two sons to grow healthy."

"I want to share with you my favorite things. My favorite bird is a crested crane because it's the Uganda's emble."

"My school has been good in this term because I participated in many occasions and events like in Drama and Sports."

Gabriela (BO)

"Your photos are amazing. All my family saw them."

"Answering your questions, my favorite subject is social studies."

"My high school's anniversary is getting close. When my class will be senior, my high school will turn gold wedding of foundation."

"I am so excited for the anniversary because at the end there is a firework at night."

Lamine (BF) - the first letter I received

"I have 5 brothers and 1 sister."

"My best friend is Samuel. With him, I like to play soccer."

"Pray for my that god gives me intelligence and wisdom in my studies."

Jenny (HO)

"Receive an affectionate greeting hoping that our Lord Jesus Christ is blessing you at each moment of your life."

"I always carry you in my prayers."

"When I am 15 years old I want to be in my school career. My goals are to graduate as a teacher."

"My dream is to continue on. I as you to carry me in your prayers, to be able to continue on."

"I want to tell you that I am leaning much about God."

Andrew (KE)

"Andrew greets you and says he is fine together with his family."

"He says he prefers Andrew as his name, but he loves all his names."

"He thanks God for protection, love and mercy."

Citlali (ME)

"I want to tell you that me and my family are well."

"The baby is sleeping he looks so cute."

"I send you hugs and kisses."

Darcy (CO)

"My favorite Bible story is: Adam and Eve."

"What I know to do best is: singing and writing."

"I loved the colors that you used to color the cross. I hope my cross looks lovely as yours." (note: she talks about a coloring pages I sent my kids for Easter - I colored one myself and sent a blank one for the kids to color.)

"I am learning to write using the correct grammer and orthography."

"Fondly I say goodbye with gratitude."

Maryuri (CO)

"I greet you with love in the beautiful name of Jesus."

"What I like most about my house is the backyard because I play there with my cousins."

""I went to church with my aunt and usually on Fridays we have long walks and different places in the city." (Answer to my question what they do on Easter)

"The cross you gave me is beautiful; I will give the other one to my grandmother."

Chistian (CO)

"Hello dear sponsor, I am realy glad to write to you again."

"Thank you for helping and supporting me through the Center."

"I love hearing from you."

"My favorite Bible story is Moses."

Pyrah (PH)

"Me and my family with God's grace, we're fine."

"Thank you so much Svenja for the things that you gave to me, that's so nice."

"Yes, we have traditions here in the Philippines, it's fiesta in each barargay. I like it so much."

"We also celebrated Easter, we ate together and attended worship service."

"I was happy to know that you told your son about Easter story."

"Thank you that I am special for you."

Mwaka (KE)

"How are you? I hope you are fine."

"I like the story of Moses and the burning bush."

"I celebrated Easter in a place called Mariakan, I enjoyed to eat and dance."

"About football, I used to play but not anymore. I now do the athletics."

"Say 'hallo' to your family."

Nyamvula (KE)

"Greetings in Jesus Name."

"How are you my dear sponsor?"

"Did you read the Easter Story to your son? What did he say about it?"

"We also had a childrens crusade in our Compassion project and we were able to preach the gospel."

"I helo my parents in the house chores and also at school I work hard."

"I am praying for you and hope you pray for me."


  1. I love all the tidbits from the letters, especially Citali's comment about liking the sleeping baby. How sweet! That's so sad about Sonbordy. I'll be praying for sure!!


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