50 Things that Made Me Smile - Part 2

Hi all!  Sorry for a long delay in posting part 2.  Part 1 of this post is located here: CLICK ME!

These are some quotes from letters that made me smile.  Some because they are sweet, some are humorous, and some for no particular reason at all.  The ages are the child's age at the time of writing, not their age now. There are a lot more than just 50, so I will continue this in a third part on Friday!

1.      “Praise the Lord! How are you?” Your little boy Mangisi asks with a smile. ~ Mangisi, 4, Kenya
2.      Activities that make me happy include cooking with my mum and learning more about God. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
3.      At my dental check up, I learned that I have to avoid eating too many toffees. ~ Naomi, 7, Ghana
4.      At school, I am well and just this year I am taking more new subjects and it is more difficult and the teachers are stricter.  ~ Keila, 14, Bolivia
5.      By the time this letter reaches you, you and Svenja will have become mothers. My loving wishes for the two babies. ~ Eby, 13, India
6.      During vacation, I went to my mother's house and we went to the beach. The waves brought so many shells to the seashore. I love it very much, but I didn't collect them. ~ Eby, 13, India
7.      For my birthday, my mum said that we are going to eat rice with beans. That's my favourite meal. ~ Francois, 12, Dem. Rep. of Congo
8.      Franklin is grateful to God because He allows him to live one more year and to enjoy all His wonderful things. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
9.      Having children is such a blessing, sponsor. When will your baby be born? ~ Linda, 11, Peru
10.  Hello! Thank you for writing to me. I want to go to school. I love you. ~ Clarisse, 5, Rwanda (Sister of Esperance)
11.  Hi! It's me again, writing you a letter.  ~ Clara, 12 Philippines
12.  I always pray for you that God will promote you from one glory to another. ~ Irene, 10, Kenya (Former Sponsored Child)
13.  I am a good girl and I like helping my parents a lot. ~ Naomi, 6, Ghana
14.  I am always grateful for your support. In fact, you are my best friend. ~ Irene, 10, Kenya (Former Sponsored Child)
15.  I am praying for Georgina often.  She looks so tiny but she looks so pretty too.  Her name was very unique.  I pray for her that she grows up to love God with all her heart and have strong faith. ~ Clara 14, Philippines
16.  I am really grateful for your letters that have showered me with a lot of smiles and laughter because of the humor in them. I imagine you are real! You narrate to me stories in a way that we are communicating face to face. ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
17.  I am so excited to hear about the birth of that baby girl of yours. I already saw the pictures of her. She's so beautiful and cute. I really like having her as a younger sister. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
18.  I am very happy knowing I already have a very special friend: you. ~ Olga, 9, Bolivia
19.  I am very happy that you have a child. ~ Tsigereda, 18, Ethiopia
20.  I busted into tears of happiness on learning that you were pregnant. Indeed God has answered our prayer. ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
21.  I close with a hug, wishing you and your beautiful daughter many blessings. With love from your friend. ~ Pamela, 15, Peru
22.  I do not have to have injections, so I am not worried. ~ Chokchai, 10, Thailand
23.  I do not know how my parents met each other, they didn't have matching skirts but they both liked to cultivate crops like beans, cassava and groundnuts. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
24.  I fear the light when looking at the stars, but I love looking at rainbows. ~ Irene, 9, Kenya (Former Sponsored Child)
25.  I have learned about video games. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
26.  I have never read the book of Ruth or Psalms, but I am going to read it. ~ Esperance, 11, Rwanda
27.  I like math, but I do not like grammar. ~ Linda, 10, Peru
28.  I like to play guitar, but I am only able to play one song on the guitar. I really like this song. I didn't learn to play guitar at the project, but my older sibling taught me to play the guitar. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
29.  I like to play with dolls and toy stoves. ~ Olga, 9, Bolivia
30.  I like your openness by informing me on how your baby kicks in the womb. It will be a bouncing healthy baby girl. ~ Epher, 23, Kenya (LDP Student)
31.  I love you too, ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
32.  I pray that you will live to see the goodness of the Lord.  ~ Atta Kuma, 15, Ghana
33.  I receive my letters in different ways. I receive them at school sometimes and sometimes they come to my home. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
34.  I remember one day you were asking if I have taken a photo on the equator one foot on the East and another to West. I took the photos to send you. It is just feels funny because it is an imaginary line. ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
35.  I tell you that a dog bit me, and my mum and my grandma are very mad at me because I was running around like a little child, but the owner of the dog didn't want to be responsible and we went to a doctor's house so the owner compromised to buy the medicine and he didn't want to show the dog's vaccine card, and after a time, he showed it and now my wounds are healing.  ~ Keila, 14, Bolivia
36.  I tell you that my young sister is already one year old and she is growing and she is nice and she is learning to say her first words like daddy, mommy. ~ Olga, 10, Bolivia
37.  I usually wash bowls during my holiday break. ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
38.  I want to tell you that I have a parrot named Lucas. ~ Linda, 10, Peru
39.  I want to tell you that we are so so. People have to work in order to eat. ~ Linda, 9, Peru
40.  I want to thank-you for the letter you sent me, which had good words on it. ~ Symeon, 15, Rwanda
41.  I want you to know that my family is doing great. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
42.  I want you to know that my parrot doesn't know how to talk. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
43.  I was extremely happy to hear that you liked my coconut tree drawing. ~ Eby, 13, India
44.  I was very scared when I was going for my medical check-up. ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
45.  I, myself, have written this letter for you and I have drawn for you. How do you like it? ~ Francois, 10, Dem. Rep. of Congo
46.  I'm glad you liked my drawing, although I'm not a good drawer. ~ Victor, 9, Ecuador
47.  I'm very grateful because you are very good. ~ Linda, 9, Peru
48.  In Rwanda we eat many different kinds of food, like beans and cassava, beans and sweet potatoes, banana and grandnuts, banana and beans and porridge and beans. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
49.  In Sri Lanka we have horses in zoos. ~ Thineshka, 11, Sri Lanka
50.  In the future I hope to visit a big hospital. I hope to meet a big doctor. ~ Martha, 6, Kenya


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  1. I'm with Linda about liking math and not grammar and with Chokchai about not worrying when I don't need injections ;) What fun pieces of their letters! I love how so many wrote sweet things about your baby!

    1. I liked math and grammar, but not science haha! (Except Chemistry, I loved chem... but I was allergic to the chem classroom...lol!) I just updated today with the 3rd part of this post and the last 50 things (though not the last 50 things that made me smile lol just the last 50 I'm posting at this moment)


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