Christmas in October!

Drawing by Kajal in India
Christmas in October is actually the norm for me.  I have a tradition of putting up my Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving in my country is the 2nd Monday of October.  By most years standards, I'd have had it up by now.  However, last year things changed a bit and I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful daughter who turns one this week.  (It's gone WAY too fast!)

I've decided for her sake, that I'll save the tree until after her end-of-October birthday and it can go up the last weekend instead of mid-October from now on, and even a slightly bigger delay for this one year, because she's at the age where she will attempt to eat everything on the tree.

But this "I-might-make-it-to-mid-November" type delay doesn't mean that I can't have a bit of Christmas in October fun here on my blog!

In fact, October 31st is the deadline for giving to Compassion's Christmas Gift Fund!!!!!  Any money donated to this fund goes to help purchase a Christmas gift to every single child in Compassion's programs, whether they are sponsored or not!!!!!  Wow!  That's a LOT of Christmas gifts to buy!  No wonder the money has to be in so soon!

In the past, my children have often written to tell me what they received for their Christmas gift.

Keila (Bolivia) – Athletic Clothing
Kajal (India) – Blanket, Coffee Mug, Cake

Eby (India) – 10kg rice, 1 mat, 1 casserole, 1 cake and a tea cup
Kajal (India) – Cake and a Bag

Guguloth (India) – Travel Bag and an Outfit
Eby (India) – Rice, Cake, a Chair
Estevenson (Haiti) – Trousers
Caua (Brazil) – Clothing
Mukesh (India) – Clothing and an Umbrella
Franklin (Honduras) – Backpack, School Uniform, School Supplies

Estevenson (Haiti) – Sneakers
Eby (India) – Cake, 10kg rice, Bed sheet & Pillowcase
Kajal (India) – Cake, 2 Sweaters, a Nice Jacket

If you would like to donate to Compassion's Christmas Fund, please CLICK HERE to do so! (Or HERE if you are in Canada).

*Note: If you cannot give before the deadline of October 31st but still feel you would like to help out, you may give to the Christmas Gift Fund at any time of year, but gifts given after October 31st will go to next years Christmas gift instead of this years. 


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