My Compassion September

In September I was showerd with love from my Compassion kids. I received the awesome amount of 11 letters from 9 out of 14 kids.

I still can't believe my luck and I feel so blessed. Each letter is a blessing on it's own of course, but 11 letters in 30 days is breathtaking.

Here are the tidbits from all those lovely letters.

Lamine (BF)

"I am so happy to write to you this letter."

"My school year went well and my parents are happy of me."

"My family prayes for you."

Maryuri (CO)

"I greet you with great love in the preciousname of Jesus."

"In this occasion I'm writing to tell you that my favorite Bible stories are the ones about Daniel and the lions, and the prodigal son."

"My favorite months of the whole year are July, because of my birthday, and December, because of Christmas."

"On my birthday I'd like to go to the park with my mom and enjoy a delicous fried chicken, I'd also like to share a cake with all my family."

Nakasumba (UG)

"I thank you for all of your support you offer to me I really appreciate."

"My family really appreciates for your parental care you give me, thank you."

"I am planing to study hard to be the best girl in performances at our school."

"I want to be a doctor and also pass the science subjects, Chemistry, Math, History, Geography, English, Biology and Physics."

"I and my family we send you bless and my sister wish you good days."

Chistian (CO)

"I thank you for the monthly assistqance you provide me and the letters you sent me."

"The physical activity I do in the CDC is: playing soccer and getting plenty of exercise."

"I would visit the science museum because it is very interesting."

"I pray that the love of God always be with you and your family."

Teje (ET)

"My food is prepared by my mother."

"My favorite thing to do with my family is playing games."

"Please pray for my health."

"I am promoted from nursery to KG."

Gabriela (BO)

"May our Lord always protect you and your family."

"I thank you for the letters you sent me. It is good you had fun and you tell me about it and I can know about you."

"I would like to visit the dinosaur museum, it would be amazing and how big they were."

"I say goodbye with much love and a huge hug."

Bernardo (CO)

"I'm happy for writing to you and talking about some activties that I have been doing in the last days."

"My favorite month is May and I have fun celebrating mothers day, my mom had a good time because we danced."

"I thank you for the letter, photo and stickers that you sent to me, I'll share the little faces with my friends." (Note: I sent smilie-stickers and asked them to share them with friends or family members.)

"My time is running out but I hope to write to you again soon."

Mwaka (KE)

"I am doing well. My family is also doing well."

"I was happy to receive your letter."

"School is doing well and my favorite subject is English."

"I continue to put more effort in my studies."

"Say hello to all your family and friends."

"Thanks for the letter you sent me."

"I like to story about Moses and the burning bush."

"I celebrated Easter....and I enjoyed to eat and dancing."

 "God bless you all."

Jenny (HO)

"Through my letter, I want to thank you for the little gift you sent me in July. It is very beautiful."

"My favorite game is called the Corn Stacks.

"My family and I pray so the Lord will bless your life."

"What praise songs do you listen to? I listen to many praise songs."

"I am very happy to write to you and I am also very happy for the gift you sent me with your friend."

"Thank you for the love you give to me and for remembering me always."

"I say goodbye and hope you pray for me."


  1. Wow! What a great number of letters! I love the tidbits from them. And what beautiful artwork you received!!


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