How Universal is Pizza?

Sometimes I ask all of my sponsored the same question, because I like to get a feel for what the answers are in different parts of the world.  This time around, I asked them if they had ever tried pizza and, if so, what toppings they like the best. 

Here are the results to my poll:
Drawing by Victor in Ecuador

  • No, I haven't eaten pizza before.  ~ Atta Kuma, Ghana
  • I do not eat pizza, but I saw it on an advertisement. ~ Eby, India
  • I have eaten pizza, but with no extra toppings. ~ Cris, Indonesia
  • I eat pizza and my favourite is pepperoni. I love pizza, but I don't know how to make one.~ Caua, Brazil
  • My house is far from the city so we don't have pizza.  ~ Chokchai, Thailand
  • We eat pizza here. I love it with a lot of cheese, ham, and pepperoni. ~ Victor, Ecuador
  • I've never eaten it, but I know about it. ~ Phoibe, Rwanda
  • I eat pizza. I like to put eggs on my pizza. What about you? What do you want to put on your pizza? ~ Zaina, Uganda
  • I don't like pizza. ~ Linda, Peru
  • I never ate a pizza. ~ Olga, Bolivia
  • I eat pizza and add some ketchup to it. It is delicious. ~ Genoveva, Ecuador
  • I do not eat pizza. ~ Naomi, Ghana
  • We make Pizza from whit flower chicken or also pineapple. ~ Epher, Kenya
  • Martha doesn't know what pizza is, but she eats samosa which sometimes she has with meat and sometimes green peas. . ~ Martha, Kenya
  • In my country, I have never eaten pizza. ~ Erickson,Kenya 

To sum it up: 8 Kids had not eaten it, but at least 2 of those kids had heard of it, and 1 had no idea what it was.  6 Kids had eaten pizza, but one of them didn't like it. 

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