Prayer Requests From Around the World

Each morning I pray for my children to be happy, to be healthy, to be successful, and that they will feel loved. 

But sometimes my kids also have other specific prayer requests and I pray for these things as well when I receive these requests.  Below are some of the things that my children have asked for prayers about. 

Perhaps some of these prayer requests will help others pray for their kids too, and show you that kids everywhere have the same basic wants and needs.  And if any of my kids prayer requests jump out at you, please, say a prayer for them too!

1.      I ask that you pray for my family, and my little friends and classmates. ~ Olga, 9, Bolivia
2.      I ask you to pray for my mum and my grandma and my entire family and for those who are abandoned too. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
3.      I ask you to pray for my mum's family to treat each other with love. ~ Genoveva, 7, Ecuador
4.      I feel that mathematics is a bit difficult, so please pray for me so that I will be good at it. ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
5.      I need your prayers for me to excel in my academics. ~ Atta Kuma, 15, Ghana
6.      I request you to pray for me to be alive. ~ Zaina, 13, Uganda
7.      I want you to pray for me and my brother so that we can pass our examinations. ~ Atta Kuma, 14, Ghana
8.      I would like you to pray for my mommy, my daddy, and me to always be together. ~ Linda, 9, Peru
9.      It's important to let you know that my mother is one-eyed. She has become one-eyed while she was breaking up a coconut; a piece of the solid shell, which envelops it, hit her in an eye. She went to the hospital, unfortunately the doctor's couldn't do anything and she became one-eyed. Please pray for her. ~ Estevenson, 13, Haiti
10.  Last February 24th my father passed away due to heart failure, so we are in deep sorrow. Please pray for us. ~ Eby, 12, India
11.  Last October 15th we experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. At that time, me and my family were scared because the buildings cracked. I thank God there was no class and it was a holiday as our school also cracked. As of now we use the ground to continue our classes. Then this month on November 8th, I know you'll see it on the news on TV what is happening in the Philippines now, but we had a Super Typhoon named “Yolanda” Many people died, especially in Tacloban City. So, please continue to pray for the people of the Philippines are suffering, no food, no water, all the things washed out, especially their houses. ~ Clara, 13, Philippines
12.  Naomi wants you to pray for her family to stay united forever. ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
13.  Please continue to pray for my family, especially my mother and father who work hard for our daily needs. ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
14.  Please continue to pray that God will give us good health, that he will guide and protect us in our daily activities. ~ Clara, 13, Philippines
15.  Please pray a lot for my dad. ~ Linda, 12, Peru
16.  Please pray for me as I struggle with my academics. ~ Martha, 6, Kenya
17.  Please pray for me because I failed mathematics.  ~ Symeon, 14, Rwanda
18.  Please pray for me since I am now a teenager. ~ Eby, 12, India
19.  Please pray for me so that I can be successful in the Compassion program. ~ Cris, 13, Indonesia
20.  Please pray for me that I can make my parents happy. ~ Cris, 12, Indonesia
21.  Please pray for me to be a good girl forever. ~ Naomi, 6, Ghana
22.  Please pray for me to be brilliant in school. ~ Naomi, 7 Ghana
23.  Please pray for me to become a clever and good adult in the future. ~ Naomi, 6 Ghana
24.  Please pray for me to have a smooth relationship with my family.  ~ Tsigereda, 18, Ethiopia
25.  Please pray for me, because both my parents have now passed away. ~ Pince, 13, Indonesia
26.  Please pray for my brother as he is not able to concentrate in his studies. ~ Kajal, 10, India
27.  Please pray for my brother to get a good job. ~ Eby, 12, India
28.  Please pray for my brother who is in the barracks. ~ Genoveva, 8, Ecuador
29.  Please pray for my dreams ~ Cris, 10, Indonesia
30.  Please pray for my faith, that God will always help me in times of trials in life and temptation in school. ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
31.  Please pray for my family to accept Jesus in their hearts. ~ Genoveva, 6, Ecuador
32.  Please pray for my mother to get money. ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
33.  Please pray for my mum so that she arrives safe on her trip and nothing bad happens to her. ~ Keila, 13, Bolivia
34.  Please pray for my mum, she is sick. ~ Victor, 7, Ecuador
35.  Please pray for my parents so that they can accept Jesus in their hearts. ~ Franklin, 6, Honduras
36.  Please pray for my whole family, especially my brother. ~ Keila, 12, Bolivia
37.  Please pray for us so God helps us to finish our house. ~ Genoveva, 7, Ecuador
38.  Please pray that God will take care of my parents and my siblings. ~ Victor, 8, Ecuador
39.  Please pray that I will always pass in school. ~ Estevenson, 11, Haiti
40.  Pray for me so that God would bless me and grant me more wisdom and knowledge.  ~ Atta Kuma, 13, Ghana
41.  Pray for me so that I will prosper in the future. ~ Atta Kuma, 15, Ghana
42.  Pray for me to grow up in Jesus. ~ Sandra, 7, Togo
43.  Pray for my brother because he broke his leg. ~ Zaina, 13, Uganda
44.  Pray for my sister Juliette because science is difficult for her. ~ Esperance, 12, Rwanda
45.  Pray that I'll always be protected and that God will watch over me. ~ Pamela, 14, Peru
46.  The bad news is that my brother and my grandmother are sick. My brother is suffering from typhoid and the grandmother is suffering from flu, but soon both will recover. I request you to pray for them because with God, everything is possible. ~ Zaina, 14, Uganda
47.  There is a subject that is very difficult for me. I would like for you to pray for me so I can understand it well. It is math. ~ Estevenson, 12, Haiti
48.  There was a murder here yesterday. Please pray for us so we will all be safe. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
49.  Would you pray for my relationship with my friends? ~ Pince, 13, Indonesia
50.  Would you pray to thank God for all that He did for me? ~ Romli, 15, Tanzania

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