Red, Blue or Green?

 The Results are In! 
I have tallied up my kids favourite colours and the most popular colour is.... *drumroll please*...

Here are how the rest of the Standings Went.  (PS: Some kids are listed more than once because they had more than one favourite.  Also, these standings may be edited and change if I hear from more kids)

1. Team Red - 11 Points
Eby, India
Erickson, Kenya
Caua, Brazil
Victor, Ecuador
Zaina, Uganda
Esperance, Rwanda
Linda, Peru
Cynthia, Kenya
Martha, Kenya 
Mangisi, Kenya
Chokchai, Thailand
2. (Tie)

Team Blue - 6 Points

Atta Kuma, Ghana - specifically Indigo
India - specifically Sky Blue

Cris, Indonesia
Keila, Bolivia
Sandra, Togo
Francois, Dem. Rep. of Congo

Team Green -6 Points
Mukesh, India
Clara, Philippines ~ Because trees are green and it symbolizes life
Kajal, India 
Esperance, Rwanda 
Naomi, Ghana 
Phoibe, Rwanda

4. Team Pink - 5 Points
Pamela, Peru
Linda, Peru 
Olga, Bolivia
Thineshka, Sri Lanka ~ specifically Rose

Phoibe, Rwanda

5.Team Orange - 3 Points
Mangisi, Kenya
Thineshka, Sri Lanka

Naomi, Ghana

6. (Tie)

Team Yellow - 2 Points

Alex, Ecuador
Kajal, India
Team White - 2 Points
Esperance, Rwanda 
Adama, Burkina Faso

8. (3 WayTie)

Team Purple - 1 Point
Tsigereda, Ethiopia

Team Black - 1 Point
Naomi, Ghana

Team Brown - 1 Point
Martha, Kenya

*For the Record, I would have thrown my own vote in with Team Green.
Drawing by Olga in Bolivia

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