Where Would You Go?

One of the questions I asked all my children is: “Where would you travel to if you could visit anywhere in the world?”  

Drawing by Eby in India
 Here are the responses:

  • I would like to travel to my uncle’s house.  That is 300km away from my house.   ~ Guguloth, 20, India
  • If I get the chance, I will visit your country: Canada.  ~ Cris, 12, Indonesia
  • I would like to visit Italy and its streets of water.  It much be very different and beautiful.  Here, we don’t have streets like that.  ~ Caua, 10, Brazil
  • I would like to go the United States because I have heard that it is a beautiful country.  ~ Franklin, 7, Honduras
  • I would go to any town, in any place.  ~ Pince, 13, Indonesia
  • I would love to travel to Entebbe Airport.  I would love to see the aeroplanes which are flying to leave, and those which are landing.  If I could travel in one of the aeroplanes, I would go to Canada, Asia, and America.  ~ Zaina, 14, Uganda
  • I would travel to the United States.  ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
  • I want to visit you and if I could go to anywhere in the world, I would want to go to your house.  ~ Chokchai, 10, Thailand
  • When I have the opportunity to visit anywhere in the world, I will come visit you.   ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
  • I would like to visit many countries, especially Spain.  ~ Jayder, 12, Colombia
  • I would like to visit my sister in Accra here in Ghana.  ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
  • Canada.  ~ Sandra, 8, Togo
  • India, or else I would travel to your country to meet you and your family.  ~ Martha, 6, Kenya
  • I would like to travel to Spain and learn about Spanish culture.  ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  • If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would love to come and meet you.  ~ Erickson, 12, Kenya
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  1. What fun responses! I love how Zaina just wants to see airplanes…but if she'd be able to travel on one, then she has more ideas!

    1. Her reply was actually combined from two letters. The airport answer was the full response at first until I asked where she could go if she could get on one of those airplanes that was leaving lol! Then she responded to that too!


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