Maame Adwoa and Other Nicknames

Do your kids have any nicknames that you know about?
Paper Art by Thineshka in Sri Lanka

A couple of my kids I knew their nickname already as it was their preferred name on Compassion’s site:

  • My Sandrine prefers to be called Sandra
  • Antonius likes to be referred to as Cris (which is a short form of his second name)
  • Richmond goes by Atta Kuma, which literally translates as “Younger Twin”, when I saw his name I knew he had a twin brother immediately, and sure enough got that confirmation in his first letter where he told me about how his “Elder Brother is 12 like me.”  His twin Richard goes by Atta.
  • My boy Jesus prefers his middle name Angel

But I also decided to ask my kids if they have any nicknames that they get called by their friends and family, and several of them did.  Here are the responses:

·         I Have a nickname and it is “BAPO” ~ Guguloth, 20, India
·        Yes, I have a nickname.  It is Son.  ~ Estevenson, 13, Haiti
·        I have a nickname that some people call me and they call me Estilingue (meaning catapult).  I do not know why. ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
·        At school, my friends call me Kity. ~ Keila, 11, Bolivia
·        They usually calle me Maame Adwoa in my house.  ~ Naomi, 5, Ghana
·        Most people prefer calling me by my two names (First and second) with no pause in between them.  I have a short name which gives people a hard time trying to separate them.  ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)

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  1. That's a fun question to ask! I like the catapult nickname...too funny!!!!


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