The Kids Explain Sponsorship: Part 4

Drawing by Clara in the Philippines
Recently (or not so recently to be honest, it was over a year ago now), I wrote a letter to each of my   Then I asked them to answer some questions for it.  There is a total of 5 Questions and I am posting one a day for five days.
kids/teens/young adults and told them about this blog.

#4.  How Does Compassion Help You?

  • Compassion has helped me with my school fees.  I have learnt skills like making necklaces and hairdressing.  I have also learned to read the Bible because of the Compassion programs at the church.  I also committed my life to Christ as a result of the Compassion Outreach programs.  God bless Compassion and the church. ~ Zaina, 15, Uganda
  • Compassion helps us by educating us by teaching us the word of God.  ~ Atta Kuma, 16, Ghana
  • Compassion helps me in every area.  I get clothes, food, care and so many things from Compassion. ~ Mukesh, 9, India
  • Compassion helps us a lot both in my studies and food.  The most important thing we learned a lot about is the word of God.  ~ Sandy, 12, Bolivia
  • My student centre helps me with my schoolwork that they give me at school, and I have medical checkups.  In the mid-year we receive blankets, and we get Christmas gifts.  ~ Linda, 11, Peru
  • About Compassion, they help us in the program.  I was helped to develop my talent.  ~ Cris, 13, Indonesia
  • At our student centre, they help us in the spiritual field in our daily devotions, and in the physical area they provide us with food.  ~ Pamela, 15, Peru
  • Compassion helps me in many ways; it helps me grow up spiritually; it helps me with my tuition fee; it helps me take part in a computer class, and so on. ~ Estevenson, 13, Haiti
  • Compassion has helped me very much spiritually and intellectually because, thanks to your help, I have many benefits, like, for example, school materials for my studies, medical checkups, special celebrations, birthdays, snacks, and Worship for Children, among other things.  ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  • Compassion helps with a wonderful project.  Here I study and take courses that will help me in the future.  Also, I’m surrounded by people who love me and care for me with love and affection. ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
  • Compassion helps me to be a good and generous person.  It helps me with my homework and to forgive.  I feel at home.  ~ Olga, 11, Bolivia
  • Compassion helped me to learn many things that I didn't know before.  I received presents on Christmas, I learnt the Bible and many other things.  ~ Chokchai, 10, Thailand
  • Compassion is useful for me in different ways.  Compassion helps me to be released from spiritual, physical, economic and social poverty.  ~ Eby, 13, India
  • Compassion has helped me a lot.  Without this type of help, I may not be in the position I am in.  I have received all types of help and gotten knowledge.  I improved spiritually and am growing in the way of God.  ~ Guguloth, 20, India
  • Compassion helps me to eradicate spiritual poverty through teaching the word of God, and to grow academically and social-wise through the sponsors support.  ~ Epher, 24, Kenya (LDP Student)
  • Compassion supports those needy children in the provision of school fees, educational materials, clothes, shoes, edible oil, grains, hair oil, soaps, etc… plus Bible study, glasses, and helping children and parents to attend spiritual lessons.  We also spend joyful trips to some pleasant places.  Everything is so helpful.  ~ Tsigereda, 19, Ethiopia
  • Compassion has helped him attend school regularly through financial support from sponsors. ~ Mangisi, 4, Kenya
  • Martha says that Compassion helps her in many ways, including: medications, the payment of school fees, and the provision of a school uniform, among other things. ~ Martha, 6, Kenya
  • Compassion helps me to be friends with many people. ~ Erickson, 12, Kenya
  • My project aids me financially and in so many different ways, it’s changing my behaviour. ~ Meron, 17, Ethiopia

Stay Tuned for Question #5 Tomorrow: “Why is it important for kids to have sponsors?

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  1. These are some great questions! I'm thinking someday I'll ask my kids these questions. I especially loved hearing how each kid is helped.

    1. I look forward to reading their answers if you do!


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