What Is Your Favourite Food?

Personally, my favourite food is vegetable sandwiches and sushi (but not with raw fish!).  What's yours?

Drawing by Keila in Bolivia

I posted that question to my kiddos around the world, and here are the answers:
  • Meat.  Alex, Ecuador
  • Rice, Mashed Beans, and Veggies.  Estevenson, Haiti
  • Rice and Beans and Meat. Erickson, Kenya
  • Macaroni. Caua, Brazil
  • Apples and Paddy. Mukesh, India
  • Rice, Stew, and Fried Chicken.  Victor, Ecuador
  • Rice with Beans and Chapati with Meat. Mangisi, Kenya
  • Injera with Stew.  Tsigereda, Ethiopia
  • Green Noodles and Roasted Chicken.  Pamela, Peru
  • Rice.  Pince, Indonesia
  • Rice and Pulses.  Kajal, India
  • Rice with chicken.  Genoveva, Ecuador
  • Beans.  Esperance, Rwanda
  • Rice, Meat & Beans.  Alex, Ecuador
  • Cebiche and Rotisserie Style Chicken Linda, Peru
  • Ugali and Meat Stew.  Cynthia, Kenya
  • Salad. Sandra, Togo
  • Rice, Yam, Tomato Stew and Kontomire Stew. Naomi, Ghana
  • Rice with Meat or Beans Martha, Kenya
  • Brinjal and Grapes.  Thineshka, Sri Lanka
  • Fish, Rice & Bean. Francois, Dem. Rep. of Congo
  • Fish. David, El Salvador
  • Rice. Adama, Burkina Faso
  • Rice and Beans and Honey. Franklin, Honduras
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  1. It's so fun to read all their answers together! I frequently ask questions like this, but never thought to compare answers. Thanks for sharing!


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