70 Things My Kids Said...

Here are some quotes that stood out to me from the letters my kids wrote to me in 2015!

  1. I'm so very thankful to God because he gave me you. He is so good and faithful to us. He has everything! Thank-you because you are there always supporting me, always praying for me and thank you also for always writing a letter for me. I'm so very thankful to have you. I'm the one who is very thankful to God because I have you. I'm praying for you and especially your daughter. Thank you for everything you've given to me. It means so much, a lot to me. I love you very much. ~ Clara, 15, Phillipines.
  2. I received your gift and deposited it to my savings account in the bank and I'm very pleased about doing this. I sent you a photo of me holding the new savings account bank book and I hope you'll be happy with this as well. ~ Tsigereda, 19, Ethiopia
  3. Til we meet in another letter, May the Lord be with you and your family. I love you. ~ Tsigereda, 19, Ethiopia
  4. I have never gone for a walk. ~ Zaina, 15, Uganda
  5. I and my parents go on vacation to a fishing site since my dad loves fishing. My sister and I go fishing with Dad. While I am waiting for Dad, who is fishing, I play in the water. Do you love fishing? ~ Cris, 13, Indonesia
  6. In my life, I like different things, like a watch (clock), English, playing dolls because we have a doll at home, and travelling in the city of Rwanda. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  7. I am happy about your daughter because now I have a younger sister. I am always happy to see her in pictures. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  8. I am very happy because of your letters. It is great to have you as my parent who thinks about me and cares for me. I thank you so much for making me know a lot. I am glad to see your family and your daughter, my sister. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  9. “How are you?” Your little boy Mangisi asks with a smile. ~ Mangisi, 4, Kenya
  10. I go for short walks while fetching firewood with my mother. ~ Mangisi, 4, Kenya
  11. Franklin says thank you for the beautiful letters you sent him.   He was very happy to get them and to hear from you and to learn about your beautiful baby because she is a very special baby that God has given you and she is also a healthy baby with a beautiful smile.  He wants to know what funny words she can say.  ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  12. He congratulates you on your 32nd birthday and he says that you are very young. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  13. In my country there is sometimes rain and sometimes sun. What about yours? ~ Erickson, 12, Kenya
  14. May Christ continue lighting up your life. ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
  15. I'm in a new school and I'm really enjoying it there. I'm adapting myself. ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
  16. I love to hear from you. A big hug for everyone! ~ Caua, 11, Brazil
  17. Mukesh's dad just became a teacher in a government primary school ~ Mukesh, 10, India
  18. I wish that your baby never gets sick. Take care of her. She is very cute. ~ Keila, 14, Bolivia
  19. I say goodbye with a strong hug from a distance. ~ Pamela, 16, Peru
  20. I am really happy to hear that you have delivered a baby. It means that I have a new sister. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
  21. I am really happy that I can study with my friends at school. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
  22. I really do not like natural science. For me, it is really difficult to understand. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
  23. I and my family are well, even though both my parents have passed away, I am really thankful that I still have siblings that really love me. I also thank God because he lets me know you even through letters. You are a parent to me so I am not alone. I already have all. ~ Pince, 14, Indonesia
  24. You must be very happy to have a lovely baby ~ Chokchai, 10, Thailand
  25. Martha has not started reading story books yet and she says maybe she will have to begin soon. ~ Martha, 7, Kenya
  26. I love you very much and you mean a lot to me in my life. ~ Estevenson, 13, Haiti
  27. I can't reach to where you are, but I think this letter will be fine for you. ~ Cynthia, 11, Kenya
  28. I always appreciate God for loving me, so I promise to worship Him all the days of my life. ~ Naomi, 8, Ghana
  29. My hero is my mum. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  30. My best friend is my puppy. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  31. The child says his little sister Maryuri is fine and she is 7.  He is teaching her how to read.  ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  32. He says he has a good time on his birthday and broke pinatas and had a blast with his friends from the CDC and ate cake and every time he has a birthday he feels older because he is turning one year older. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras
  33. I also tell you that I have turned 15 years of age. My family and I were very happy and celebrated my birthday because of the many things that our Lord Jesus had done for me. ~ Romli, 15, Tanzania
  34. My favourite food is fish because it is not bad. ~ David, 11, El Salvador
  35. My favourite animal is the hamster because they are small and lovely. ~ David, 11, El Salvador
  36. The weather here is a monsoon. It was raining heavily for two days. The roads and streets are filled with muddy water. But, one thing I have to say, we got much relief from the heat. ~ Kajal, 14, India
  37. I read in your letter that your daughter has begun to laugh and play with dolls. It is really happy news to me. I showed her photos to my friends. ~ Kajal, 14, India
  38. I am happy to hear about your daughter because she is also my relative. I love her so much. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  39. I have been learning how to use a computer machine and I have gotten a certificate. I thank God for that. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  40. I am glad to hear that you received my letter, for it encourages me to write to you more. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  41. I am happy for receiving your letter, because it shows me that you care for me. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  42. My older brother Henry will have a baby in a couple months. My entire family is thrilled about it, even though we don't know whether the baby is a girl or a boy. ~ Alex, 18, Ecuador
  43. Thanks for the Christmas card and your good wishes. I loved the Christmas stickers of Spiderman and Cars. My siblings loved them too. ~ Alex, 18, Ecuador
  44. I'm working with my dad now. He has a small business. We travel to other places because of our work: We sell pillows, bed sheet sets, and curtains. We have some clients out of town. ~ Alex, 18, Ecuador
  45. You told me that you and your family are very fine, and I am very happy with that. ~ Meron, 17, Ethiopia,
  46. Your daughter is a beautiful girl and she is very pretty. Please keep her honouring older people and being descent as she grows older. I'll pray for her too. ~ Meron, 17, Ethiopia
  47. I thank you a lot for your support, for things like clothes, soup, cosmetics, a pair of socks, stationary materials, etc. I spent a nice time at school and got some good friends. The new thing for my country right now is that it is growing. I spend my break reading different books and the Bible and assisting my family at home. I enjoy attending Sunday School class. My parents are under pensions now. ~ Meron, 17, Ethiopia
  48. I want to tell you that I am so happy with the gifts you gave me. I really liked everything. Thank you so much. I love you so much. ~ Linda, 12, Peru
  49. My family and I have delicious food to eat. ~ Linda, 12, Peru
  50. I am doing well and have no problems, thanks to God who has been with me. ~ Phoibe, 20, Rwanda
  51. Mukesh has visited Nanankanan Zoo with his schoolmates by train, and saw a tiger, bear, lion, zebra, fox, different birds, etc. ~ Mukesh, 10, India
  52. Hello! It's another day today, Ma'am! ~ Clara,15, Philippines
  53. I like your baby in her pictures. She's so very cute and looks gorgeous. Her cheeks are very big and she also looks fat. I wanted to see her in person, but I think it's impossible! I wanted to hug her and kiss her. ♥ ~ Clara,15, Philippines
  54. I would like to talk to you about summer vacation at this moment. I tell you that it was very good and I could share a lot with my relatives. I could play a lot with my friends. I could spend more time with my siblings and my mother and with my father. ~ Yobelis, 13, Dominican Republic
  55. I thank you for the letter which you sent me. It was composed of the words which build my heart! Keep doing this. ~ Symeon, 15, Rwanda
  56. I told my classmate about you and my friend was very excited. ~ Martha, 7, Kenya
  57. Thank-you for telling me about your church. Me too, I like praying too. ~ Esperance, 13, Rwanda
  58. Franklin wants to tell you about his house. It is small and made of adobe. The floor is unpaved and the roof is made of metallic sheets. It is very hot inside his house because there is not much room and they all share the same bed. ~ Franklin, 9, Honduras.
  59. When I grow up I want to be a soccer player and visit many countries, especially Spain and I would like to look after my family. ~ Jayder, 12, Colombia
  60. We are about to go on school break here in Colombia. It is only for two months. ~ Jayder, 12, Colombia
  61. Thank you for everything that I've been receiving from you, Ma'am. Thank you also for continuing to support me and always writing letters to me. It means so much, a lot, to me, Ma'am. I love you so much. ♥♥♥ I also love your daughter and your family. Advance Merry Christmas and God Bless You All! ~ Clara, 15, Philippines
  62. My mum has really raised as well despite the struggles, which we overcome together as a family I thank God for her every day. And above all we are a born again family. ~ Annah, 23, Kenya (LDP)
  63. I would really love to hear a lot about you, when you write to me. ~ Annah, 23, Kenya (LDP)
  64. My favourite weather is rainy, because one feels warm in the house when it is raining. ~ Erickson, 12, Kenya
  65. We do not eat sushi in my country, but we do eat other things. ~ Erickson, 12, Kenya
  66. I'm so happy that I'm special to you. I love you so much and I love your daughter too. She's a precious little baby. ~ Victor, 10, Ecuador
  67. I want to tell you that I have a friend named Maria. She is the best friend I have. I go to rhythmic gymnastics with her on Thursdays. ~ Sandy, 11, Bolivia
  68. I want to tell you that we went to the movies. We played with my family. I was very happy hat day. My mum bough me earrings and many candies. My little sister gave me many hugs! ~ Sandy, 11, Bolivia
  69. It's the rainy season here, and we grow crops so that we are away from the danger of hunger. ~ Romli, 14, Tanzania
  70. How are your teeth now? I've never had dental problems before but I'll be sure to be careful from now on. ~ Meron, 17, Ethiopia