Happy New Years!

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!  Have you made any resolutions?  This is the question I asked my sponsored kids.  (Except for my kiddos in Ethiopia where New Years Day isn't until September...  Random Fact Time: In Ethiopia it is only the year 2007.)

So, here is what my kids resolved to do last year:
  • To pray every day for my country and for people who do not know Christ.  ~ Eby, 12, India
  • To pass my grade's Review Exam and to become smart in my computer class so I can graduate. ~ Estevenson, 11, Haiti
  • This year my resolution is to get promoted with good marks.  I also hope this year to become a person who obeys his parents.  ~ Cris, 11, Indonesia
  • My New Years Resolutions are: To do well in my studies in my senior year 2.  I want to start a business at home.  I want to be more perfect in making sweaters this year. This year I want to be a helpful person.  I want to be a hardworking person in this new year.  ~ Zaina, 15, Uganda
  •  My goal is to study and succeed this year, and next year.  I want to have success and to go to secondary school.  ~ Esperance, 12, Rwanda
  • My resolutions are to finish my studies and be closer to God. ~ Clara, 14, Philippines
  • My goal for 2015 is to finish my studies with a high GPA. ~ Franklin, 8, Honduras

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  1. I love your kids' resolutions!!! How fun!! And I learned about Ethiopia's new year in a letter we recently received from our teenage girl in Ethiopia. She shared how she celebrated the New Year in September!


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