International Cuisine

Drawing by Atta Kuma, in Ghana
I asked my sponsored kids to tell me how to prepare the meal they most commonly eat.  Here are the recipes I collected.

  • I am going to tell you how to cook cassava.  First, they cook beans and after, they put the piece of cassava on the beans.  They put in enough water and continue to keep it over the fire until the water is absent.  Don’t forget to put in some salt.  ~ Esperance, 10, Rwanda
  • I cook rice with eggs in a pot with water and oil.  In a pan, I fry the egg. ~ Linda, 11, Peru
  • I cook my sweet potatoes very well through. ~ Zaina, 15, Uganda
  • The most common food I eat is ugali.  Put a pot of water on the fire and wait until it boils.  Then add maize flour and stir as you continue adding flour until the food is ready.  Serve and eat with your relish.  ~ Martha, 6, Kenya
  • The best meal I like is rice and meat.  First, you make sure that the rice is clean.   Then put water in a sufuria and wait for the heat to boil it.  Then put in the rice.  After that, wait for some minutes so that the water can dry up.  Then, take another sufuria and put meat which has been cut and washed and add it to it.  Then place the sufuria on the stove and stew it.  ~ Erickson, 12, Kenya
  • We commonly eat posho.  The way you can prepare it is: You first boil water and then you fix any flour, or maize flour with water.  That is the way you can prepare this food.  ~ Zaina, 15, Uganda
  • Now I tell you about a common food we eat.  I am from a tribal family and we are used to eating the roti made of Juwar with Chicken curry or leafy vegetables and curry.  The supper making process for Juwar Roti making is: 1) Put the finely ground Juwar Atta in a wide mouthed Kadheir with shallow teeth.  2) Add the water to make a dough.  3) To make Roti you should press/beat the circular dough with the palm of your hand on a flat surface such as the kitchen platform.
  • My favourite dish is stuffed rice and this is how you cook it:  First we take a pot with water and we put cooking oil, garlic, green peas and carrots in it, and then you pour the rice in it and wait until the water dries up and that's how you cook this dish.  ~ Pamela, 17, Peru
  • My favourite food is soto.  How to make it: We made the broth of chicken or beef and put it with chicken or beef, onion, and serve it with rice.  You can add chili or soya sauce to make it more delicious.  It is served hot.  ~ Cris, 13, Indonesia
  • Here in Peru, most people eat ceviche which is prepared by using fish, lemons, ginger and cilantro.  ~ Linda, 13, Peru
  • My family and I like beans, rice and meat a lot.  We must cook the beans from very early in the morning because they are very hard.  ~ Alex, 18, Ecuador
  • I like fried eggs.  We stir it, and then we fry it.  ~ Chokchai, 10, Thailand
  • We like to eat bananas and beans.  We boil beans and water until it is ready to eat.  After we mix the beans and banana and we boil again until the food is ready and we put it in the dish and we put it on the table and then we eat them.  ~ Esperance, 13, Rwanda


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  1. That is such a neat question to ask and I love the answers!! I'm going to ask my kids this in the future. Have you tried any of the meals and shared the experience with your kids?


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