Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year!

A little update, I haven't written here in a long, long time.  Not since February.  It's not that I didn't want to, but life gets in the way sometimes and between work and parenting, time is passing too quickly!

I've decided to make blogging more a New Years Resolution, I'll try to stick to it, but bear with me if sometimes I don't update a lot because, well, I have a lot of other resolutions too lol!

And while I enjoy blogging about my kids letters, my priority time-wise is actually writing to those kids when I get online.  (Something that I haven't had trouble finding time for fortunately, in fact I may have written them a little TOO often lately haha!)

Anyways, on top of the everyday life kind of stuff, my computer crashed and I'm undergoing the huge process of scanning letters back onto my computer so I have easy access to them for blogging purposes again.  I received a lot of letters this year, some terrific photo updates, and quite a few new kids!  (Sadly I also lost many children this year, some for terrific reasons such as graduation or not needing financial help anymore, and some because their financial sponsor dropped them or their project was having issues.)

Some of my kids responses to my questions were even featured this year on the main Compassion blog AND it was brought to my attention today that that post was highlighted again today as being one of Compassion's top 10 blog posts! Wow!  (#5)  Thanks Compassion for that!  It was another reminder I need to start writing more, so look for new content in the near-ish future haha!

You can read that one by clicking the link below: 

God bless!